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Top 10 Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners | The Easiest To Play!

If you have decided to try out Dota 2 then you are about to enter into a world that is full of adventure, bravery, actions, strategy, and fun. Dota 2 is currently world’s one of the biggest and popular online e-sports published and developed by Valve Corporation. You can become a professional competitor and participate in Dota World Championships where you will be given a chance to prove yourself and also get paid in millions of dollars. Does not it sound wonderful to earn millions from a game? So get ready to enter into the wonderful world of Dota.

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To enter into the world of Dota the first thing you will be needing is your avatar aka ‘Hero’. You should not choose your heroes randomly or for the looks. If you are just a beginner and don’t hold much knowledge about this game then you will be needing some help. This article will inform you of top 10 best Dota 2 Heroes for beginners with important details which will make your job easy to choose the best hero among the many. In spite of being an armature, with the knowledge of this article, choosing the best heroes you can be a winner from the beginning.

Top 10 Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners:

1) Spirit Breaker:

Born in the elemental plane, Spirit Breaker is a beast that can bring down the havoc of hell. It embodies cunning, speed and strength. It is a strong tempo controller whose bashes never go out of fashion. With all the strength he still serves a master who is hidden with an unknown agenda.

DotA 2 Heroes For Beginners barthrum

  • It can stun enemies with bashes and simply take them out
  • Charge of Darkness ability allows him to charge across towards the place he has vision on
  • It’s almost impossible to escape his Nether Strike
  • It grants an aura of swiftness which makes nearby allies faster

2) Mortred, the Phantom Assassin:

It will be an understatement if I use the word deadly to describe Mortred. She is a member of an assassin cult called Sisters of the Veil. This group does not follow contract, promises and choose their targets with the help of oracles and meditation. If you become a target then your fate is sealed.

DotA 2 Heroes For Beginners mortred

  • She is a two button hero very easy to execute
  • With help of her daggers, she stifles her enemy slowing their movement and delivering damage
  • She can dodge physical attacks thanks to Blur
  • Using Phantom Strike she can teleport to nearby allies

3) Crystal Maiden:

Rylai the Crystal Maiden is like a nuclear reactor of Icepower. Where ever she goes the negative temperature would kill orchards, freeze rivers and give frostbite top the crops. She was trained by an Ice wizard in the northern realm of Icewrack where her only objective was to train harder.

DotA 2 Heroes For Beginners crystal maiden

  • She is a great choice for support
  • She is not an item dependent hero and doesn’t need much
  • Her AOE burst of frost damage can slow enemy’s hit, she can also encase enemies in ice
  • She can passively provide mana for all allies on the map

4) Necrophos:

Before he was transformed into the plague-mage Necrophos he was a greedy monk known by the name Rotund’jere. Banished to the plague ward and immune to the plague he transformed to Necrophos carrying and spreading pestilence all around him.

DotA 2 Heroes For Beginners necrophos

  • Has an ability known as Death Pulse, a wave of death that heals allies while damaging his enemies
  • Using Ghost Shroud he can slip into the realm of the dead being invulnerable
  • Reaper’s Scythe is his ultimate weapon which provides a great damage to enemies with additional 10 seconds added to their respawn time
  • Necrophos’ Heart Stop Aura damages maximum health over time

5) Abaddon:

As a child, he was bathed in the mist of the black mist and later he possessed a deeper connection with the black mist. The mist gave him mastery over life and death. Even the immortal demons of hell hated Abaddon for his connection with the Font of Avernus.

DotA 2 Heroes For Beginners abaddon

  • With one of the lowest death rates he does not really die
  • One of the three blades of Avernus is possessed by Abaddon named the Mistbreaker
  • By damaging some of Abaddon’s health, with Mist Coil he heals a friendly unit or damages other units.
  • With Aphotic Shield he can stop an enemy attack, absorb a set amount and release it in an area

6) Viper, the Netherdrake:

The spellcaster who tried to tame Viper was blinded by his poison after Viper escaped the cage he was trapped in by exuding an acid that melted the bars of the cage he was in. There are only a few heroes who can win against Viper in a one on one battle.

DotA 2 Heroes For Beginners viper

  • It can be an excellent nuker, ganker and carry
  • With Nethertoxin and Corrosive Skin combine Viper is a fearsome tank with high damage output
  • Lineups that rely on magic damage in the early-mid game is easily overcome by him

7) Strygwyr the Bloodseeker:

He is also known by the name Hound of the Flayed Twins. Once a Bonehunter he later became a ritually sanctioned hunter. He requires oceanic amounts of blood for his masters thus always making him thirsty for blood.

DotA 2 Heroes For Beginners bloodseeker

  • Bloodseeker can pretty much be played in any lane
  • With Rupture ability Bloodseeker ruptures enemy unit’s skin providing heavy damage
  • With Bloodrage ability he drives a unit into a bloodthirsty rage

8) Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper:

Since time immemorial his folks have been hunting from a great distance. Sniper was the man of a dark prophecy foretelling the greatness of the gunman. For Sniper, projectile weapons are but another appendage.

DotA 2 Heroes For Beginners sniper

  • With his Shrapnel ability, enemies are subject to receive showers of shrapnel balls that damages and slows down enemy
  • With taking Aim ability, he can stay far away from damage and take out enemies.
  • He can close off opponent’s route to escape or approach

9) Drow Ranger:

Drow Ranger Traxex was trained by the Drows though she was not one of their own. She is naturally subtle, silent and stealthy. She lived in a forest where she honed her skills with a bow.

DotA 2 Heroes For Beginners drow ranger

  • She grants allies and herself bonus damage to ranged physical attacks by her Precision Aura
  • If enemies get close she can cast Gust to knock back and silence enemy heroes
  • Frost Arrow ability can slow down her target’s movement up to a massive 64%

10) Purist Thunderwrath, the Omniknight:

Purist followed the path elder knights of great reputation. Omniscience, the all-seeing one favors the night himself and provides him with power. A purist is a holy man, brave, fearless, tough, committed and faithful knight who protects others.

DotA 2 Heroes For Beginners omniknight

  • Purification ability allows him to heal ally units and damage nearby enemy units
  • With Repel ability, he can create a barrier around an ally granting them spell immunity 100% Magic Damage resistance.
  • He can summon a Guardian Angel who grants physical damage

You can start your journey of Dota 2 now that you have the necessary information of top 10 Dota 2 Heroes for beginners. Except for these heroes, there are many that will be suited to beginners. But these heroes are the top ten according to our expert opinion. Not only they are easy but they also hold the potential to lead you to the victory. For any further information or any questions in mind, comment down below in the comment box.

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