download Grindr for PC

How to download Grindr for PC

These days social networking sites are very demanded by the people hence to fulfill the needs there are many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Grinder is also one of the social networking sites created especially for gays as this social networking site is only allowing gays to have an account in it. I guess this Grinder social networking site is something new, so today we are here to share about this app. As in maximum of the country gay and lesbians are being allowed so there is a good news for gays as they can create their account in the Grinder app. Now you can Download Grindr for PC.

download Grindr for PC


This site/app is very helpful for gays, you can find out many handsome and beautiful guys, meet them and have a chat. So gays should thank Grindr LLC developer as they have created the app for all the gay guys. Now download Grinder for PC with some android extractor directly from the site, today we will know how to download Grinder for PC and some tricks to use it. Now read more and download Grinder for PC (windows/mac) for free.

Before directly downloading Grindr app for PC we must know about the features that come with the app inbuilt.

download Grindr for PC- Features of Grindr app:

Here are some features to Download Grindr for PC;

1. You can choose a boy of your type in terms of tribe and your sex type.

2. You can search for your man in your own customization.

3. If you liked that guy then you can save his DP or if you don’t then you can go fore blocking.

4. In the free version of this app, you can view up to 100 gay profiles.

The features given above are for the app that you get on first downloading of the app the following features you will get when you update your present app and go on for a pro version.

download Grindr for PC

Features of Grindr app in Pro version:

1. You will not get any ads on your screen to disturb you.

2. No tension is necessary to miss the message of your gay mate.

3. Now in this Pro version, you can view some 300 gay profiles.

4. You can also display a number of a tribe in your account to get some more sexy guys in your list.

This was all the features why you should download Grindr for PC, the above-given features are for the free version and pro version. If you are old in this app then you can get a chance to chat with more than 3,00,000 gays from all over the world and meet them.

Download Grinder for PC (windows or Mac)

As there is no different developed app for PC, so there is only a way to download Grindr app for PC i.e. using Bluestacks. I hope you have already known how to download Bluestacks in your PC as I have shared in my other articles too.

download Grindr for PC

But for those who don’t know you can go to the Bluestack site and download the app and install it normally as you install some other third party app in your PC.

Easy steps to Download Grindr for PC:

Tricks to get Grindr app for PC:

1. Open the android emulator app after installing it successfully in your PC.

2. Now click on the search icon in the Bluestack window.

download Grindr for PC


3. Type Grindr in the search box and click on the search button.

4. Now the interesting thing happens i.e. you will be converted for going to google play, where you will see the Grindr app.

download Grindr for PC

5. Now click on install button which will be given in the corner of the app picture.

This all easy steps you need to follow to download Grindr for PC, using Bluestacks. But there is another way to download Grindr for PC with Bluestacks which are as follows.

Second Way to download Grinder for PC:

1. First of all, you need to download Grindr APK file in your PC from any site.

2. After downloading the app successfully in your PC open the file with Bluestacks now.

This is all, isn’t this step easy then above. You can choose any of the ways to download Grindr for PC but both the steps will help you in using Grindr app in your PC.

Now You can enjoy searching your sexy gay mate from all over the world in your PC itself without any worries. These steps are the easiest steps to get any app in your PC and enjoy using this app, I hope these steps have helped you a lot in download Grindr for PC. As I have said above that there is a good news for Gays isn’t this  a good news that you don’t need to have any tension that you are not having any android phone now as you can enjoy the same thing in your PC. Thanks for reading till the end share with us your views after using this app in your PC in the comment box below.




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