E-Learning Sites Like Udemy

Udemy is one of the most sought-after e-learning platforms today. Millions of learners as well as publishers are actively contributing their presence to the site. From the perspective of a learner, If Udemy does not fit the need (exceptional cases are always welcomed), there are many other online learning sites that suit best for Udemy Alternatives.


Online Education Sites like Udemy are much beneficial for both individuals and business organizations. Individual, on one hand, may enhance their skills and qualifications even when they got no time for attending regular classes. 

On the other hand, business figures may upgrade their employee’s skill through online educations without leaving the working place. Thus, productivity level of the entire business goes up.

Best Udemy Alternatives for Online Education Suits for Individual or Business

We have come across many online platforms. Matter of fact, not all of them is worth our attention. There are some that possess the potential to provide a valuable knowledge as well as certifications. Udemy is one such platform which is beneficial for both learners and publishers. 

Besides Udemy, our first priority is Edureka (Especially for affordable certification courses). Interested learners may even grab Edureka Coupon codes for more discounts

Apart from Udemy and Edureka, we have also a handful list of Udemy like sites where one may nurture educational skills.  

1: Edureka

Why Edureka is our favorite and placed on the top is that it is absolutely concerned with the “dot com” era. Yes, it is the online platform where individual or organization may upgrade their knowledge of IT industry. Big Data Analytics, Hadoop are some common yet most sought after topics today’s big IT giants are after. 

In addition to the IT and corporate sector placements, Edureka is also known for providing certification courses at low cost. As said earlier, Edureka Coupon or Promo is a must to look for. There are a variety of courses an individual or business hub would like to make use of. 

2: Coursera

Coursera is especially focused on the US based e-learners. However, learners from around the world are allowed to take courses. The platform has collaborated with leading US-based universities and providing 10 various pathways shortly known as Specialization. 

Completing a course from Coursera will lead to receiving certification officially provided from certain university associated with it. There is a wide range of subject learners may pick up one from. Ranging from musical theory to IT, Coursera teaches almost everything that has a value in today’s market.

3: Lynda

Lynda is a paid subscription based online learning platform that provides video tutorials on various subject. To mention, visual learning is much easier when it is presented perfectly. Things are much easier to remember when it is interestingly fabricated. That’s what Lynda does at best. The video tutorial streamed by Lynda is much easier to understand and learn the subject. Paying $25 a month for something interesting and education sounds best. 

4: Udacity

Another great place to learn about technology online is Udacity. The place is yet to be filled with huge number of database but the courses available here are crafted efficiently. We had to mention again, data science is referred as hottest job in this era of technology. The data science course Udacity comes with is contributed by well-skilled professionals and teachers.

The pay scale for learning from the place is set at monthly basis. However, for any cause, if one wish to leave the monthly course before completing, learner is liable to pay fees for only up to the date the course is left. Thus, no additional charges in terms of monthly fees are taken.

5: Khan Academy

If you are not after any certfication course but only looking for way to improve your knowledge on particcular subject, Khan Academy is the perfect place where knowledge floats for free. This non-profit platform comes with free educational contents. Interestingly, this is the place traditional education is given more priority where math, economics, science, and humanities are explained in a simplest way.

There are videos and text-based learning metarials provided on this site that can be beneficial to learners of all ages and backgrouds. The best part, everythng taught on this site is free of cost.

Apart from this e-learning sites there are also few News app list which is very informative and saves our time in our daily life.

As long as the right education is concerned, money should not measure the value. However, every good thing has a price, making a little effort to pay for it is not anything wrong. Whist Free online educational platfors like Khan Academy has its own reputaion, paid knowledges availabe on sites like Edureka also has its own value. So, no matter what is your requirement or aim, none of these Udemy alternatives are worthless.  

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