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Easy Guide To Get Lucky Patcher Apk

The fact that Android Games are slowly taking over the gaming scenario might not be big news to most people. The popularity of Mobile games among the gamers is increasing at an alarming rate. Well, the day is not far way that Android games will one day have dominion over all games. And that also includes console gaming. But what actually is the reason for that? The first reason is that they are available and quite easily accessible for the gamers. The second reason is that the graphics quality and the gameplay of mobile games are quite similar to that of the PC games.

lucky patcher

But there is one disadvantage of these mobile games and that is you need to buy some stuff for advancing in the games. And for most people spending money is not an option. So what is the solution for that? Well, there are some apps that let you hack these purchases and advance in the game. Lucky Patcher is one of those that make mobile gaming quite easy for all gamers. Here, we will be providing you with some of the major details about this App and also how you need to get this to hack all the purchases of your mobile games.

How To Get Lucky Patcher On Your Device?

To get this Lucky patcher app on your device is not any kind of rocket science. Well, there are a few simple steps that you need to follow to get this app.

  • The initial step that you need to take is that Click Here. By doing that you will initiate the downloading process.
  • The time that is that is required to complete this step will solely depend on how fast your internet connection is.
  • The completion of the process will be marked by new notification in your notification drawer.
  • After that is done you need to go through your device and find the Apk file of Lucky Patcher.
  • Simply tap on that file to initiate the installation of the App.
  • This process will require some time too, so you need to wait it out.
  • Another notification will pop up in your notification drawer after the completion of this process.

Thus all the steps that are required to be followed for downloading this process are finally over. To start using the app visit your home screen and tap on the icon of Lucky Patcher.

But there is one problem with this. We all are quite familiar with the fact that sometimes some apps start acting erratically. And if that happens what can be done. Below we will be providing you with some alternatives of this app which you can use in this case.

Lucky Patcher Alternatives:

To be honest there are lots of app that act as a great alternative of this app. There are some apps which offer lots of better options and features than Lucky Patcher. Here are some great alternatives of this App.

CreeHack 2.0:


CreeHack 2.0 is the slow twin brother of Lucky Patcher. CreeHack 2.0 is similar to Lucky Patcher is all aspects. The only difference is that it is only a bit slower. Well, if you have a high-end smartphone then you won’t even understand the difference. This is one of the best Lucky Patcher Alternatives.

LeoPlay Card:

leo play card

This app is solely based on the above mentioned app but is quite different from most game hacking apps. But that doesn’t make it better than other apps. The functionality and features of this app is quite similar to that of the other apps. This might not be a great alternative for Lucky Patcher but not the last.


Freedom Game hacker is quite a new app and serves as a great Alternative of Lucky Patcher. This app can hack most android games and is quite easy to use this too. Though it doesn’t have all the features and options of Lucky Patcher but it can get the job done.

There are lots of other alternatives of this app but this app will always remain as the best game hacking app. But if you follow the problem using Lucky Patcher then it is recommended that use these apps mentioned here instead of using any other app. The downloading and installation procedure of these alternatives is quite similar to that of Lucky Patcher too. Hope this information would answer your queries. Do leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding this content.

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