Top Evernote Alternative Apps- The Best You Can Get

Are you forgetting about your meetings or dinner plans with your friends or loved ones?

Forgetting about things can really be headache if this keeps on happening now and then once in while. Then Evernote can be a very good option for you, but what about people who doesn’t own a Evernote?

best evernote substitutes

Well no worries, I got some of the perfect Evernote alternative. These alternatives can help you with a number of assignments, tasks and many other reminders that you can set for your daily work and projects.

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Now you may ask why would  you want an alternative when you can have the Evernote itself. There can be a few reasons why you would need an alternative, few of them which are mentioned below:

  • The first and fore most reason can be because of evernote’s huge size which makes it a bulky to install and use.
  • With a huge variety of features, Evernote’s neglect the user friendly UI which is very important for a daily usage app.
  • Evernote doesn’t support all OS’s like, if you own a Linux system then Evernote won’t work on your device.
  • And the last reason can be because of the fact that Evernote may not be up to the mark for your requirement.

So, today I am going to talk about few of the best alternatives for Evernote that will help you to avoid any further mistakes with forgetting your daily tasks.

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Best Evernote Alternative Apps for you:

#1. Google Keep:

With Google Keep you can forget about all the bulky tasks that you will need to do. It is a simple app which you can use as an alternative for evernote.

Google Keep

With its simple yet complex built up, this app can definitely put some effort into helping you with daily life reminder. With the best user friendly UI this app definitely takes the first spot in my list.

#2. Simple Note

Simple note is yet another top Evernote alternatives which is light weight and can help to get rid of a lot of steps to set an easy alarm. With the new built-in feature you can set from voice notes to videos and images to keep helping you to remind about all the simple things that you need to keep up with in your daily life.

Simple Note

This app also helps you to back up your data in case you format or change your device.

#3. Microsoft OneNote

Formally knows as the Microsoft Office OneNote, this app is also a great alternative for evernote. With this you can even add websites, links or even bookmark a specific webpage to pop up automatically on notification time.

Microsoft One Note

It is considerably very light weight and also helps to prevent any confusion with the alarms set even which are 1minute apart. And also with the latest feature you will be able to get through all the notification with one click.

#4. DEVONthink

Yet, another sensational app that can help you to keeping a track of all the notifications about meeting, work place, invitation right as a schedule work. This apps best feature is the auto send feature that allows the user to set a specific time that will allow the user to send a text or email at a specific time that has been set before.

Devonthink app

So with this you can even stop worrying about being late for sending an email on time and even forget about missing any work in your daily life.

#5. Together

Making its way to the fifth position in this list is the ‘Together’, this app allows you to do all  the work that you could do on the evernote but in a simple way thus making this app one of the  top alternative that you can get in the market.

together app

One of the best features of this app is that, this app allows you to keep your app synchronised with all your email accounts, thus making it easier to notify you even with new emails or even offer with a special alarm if the email is marked as important making this app one of the top 5 evernote substitute.

So there you go, these were the  list of the Top Evernote Alternative that you can get even for a much lesser price compared to evernote and even with more simpler and fun UI.

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Now go ahead and get yourself one and forget about all the work because now will have one of the top best apps to remind you of your works and meeting just like your own personal assistant.

Hope you liked this list, if you  did then get one and leave a comment below about your experience using it.

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