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Fake Caller ID : 3 Genuine Fake Callers

Fake Caller IDAre you having a bad date situation or stuck at an annoying party with anonymous friends who  are really giving you a bad time…. And all you want to do is run out of there but can’t do it due to formal and ethical reasons? This situation can be really annoying and get on your nerves. Well, there is a very simple way how you can get out of this annoying situations.

fake caller

I personally dislike marriage ceremonies and really hate it when people around start with all the family taunts and poking about your own marriage (if you are unmarried you will understand well what I am talking about). And then I found a really easy way to get out of awkward situations like these even without leaving a bad impression on the people around me.

Here’s what you can do to get out of situations like this. Today I am going to talk about few apps that can help you get yourself out of tight situations and this app are called Fake Caller ID apps. And what a fake caller id does is send you a fake call right on your phone and you can configure it to show a call from “Boss” or anyone else of whom you can give an excuse to bring yourself out of the place.


So, here are the list of few of the best Fake Caller ID which is light in size and even looks genuine just like any other normal calls:

Best Fake Caller ID Apps:

  • Fake Call – A Free Fake Caller ID app

This app works perfectly and keeps it’s name up to the mark. It is a simple app with all the basic things that you will need to set a new fake call fast and doesn’t include any complicated function that you will consume your time.

Fake Id

The features offered are gigantic but are assembled in a very simple UI, allowing easy customization within few seconds. And the best feature involves the use of the phone’s proximity sensor which allows you to instantly make a fake call just by shaking your phone or turning your phone upside down.


  1. Personalize your own ring tone for different fake calls.
  2. Insert the fake caller into your call log.
  3. Fake text yourself.

The custom message allows you to send yourself a fake text like, “We have an urgent meeting at the office at 7, Please come fast Mr/Miss….”.

  • Fake Call & SMS: A Genuine Fake Caller ID

Fake call & SMS offers you the best UI and customized fake calls to make your call look genuine at the first look.The interface includes windows interface and even has been mostly customized for a genuine windows call look which allows you with the best features as well.

Fake Caller ID

This app also allows you to fully customize the interface of the call log. It even allows you to take on more and more call log list as you want to make the fake call look even more important with inserting photos and much more. You will have a perfect call log, so no one can find whether it was a fake call or not as it is said Its, not a crime If you don’t get caught.


  1. Quick call option.
  2. Quick fake SMS.
  3. Best UI with simple to use functions.

The custom message allows you to send yourself a fake text like, “We have an urgent meeting at the office at 7, Please come fast Mr/Miss….”.

  • Mr. Caller – The True Fake Caller Id

With Mr. Caller, you will be able to customize your calls in such a way that will allow you to ring the phone after a specified time. With a very minimalistic design, this app takes you the right to the business. It lets you set advanced fake calls and SMS right when you want it, it even shows you the number that you want the app to display while calling and even on the call list.

Fake Caller ID

It can help you out through the toughest situations like a meeting or even a bad date by scheduling multiple calls at a time and even custom message including text that you want which you can set from yourself.


  1. Edit and customize your own call and SMS list.
  2. Set fake calls and SMS within seconds.
  3. Minimalistic User Interface.

The custom message allows you to send yourself a fake text like, “We have an urgent meeting at the office at 7, Please come fast Mr/Miss….”.

So these were the list of top 3 best Fake Caller ID apps that can help you out even from the most irritating and annoying places that you don’t want to be in. So now you will always have the perfect excuse to save yourself and worry less about all the annoying things that have been annoying you for so long.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and give one of these 3 best Fake Caller Id.

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