Fix dns_probe_finished_bad_config – The Easy Way

dns_probe_finished_bad_config creates a connection error with other side services which causes to crash or block you from accessing the websites. A DNS works as a medium to translate or helps to resolve the issues of an error which is related to dns_probe_finished_bad_config.



Now for a dns_probe_finished_bad_config error where the DNS is used from the Modem or router that you are using which is generally set by the service provider.

Public DNS server is considered to be one of the best and I also recommend the same for all users. Public DNS is what I recommend for all users as it provides with the maximum uptime from all other servers.

Now in case you are facing the same with dns_probe_finished_bad_config problems/errors then you can follow these below steps to easily solve the issue.

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Solve dns_probe_finished_bad_config  error

  • First you need to hold Windows Key & the R to launch the RUN
  • Now type in CMD and press enter to launch the cmd.
  • Type in the following command and execute: ipconfig /flushdns


Now doing this will flush the cache of the DNS & choose to take you to the change the DNS into the system for accessing into the local cache to allow you to access the websites.

  • Now that you are done with the process, you will need to press the and Windows Key and R again to launch the RUN program.
  • This time, you will need to type in another command: ncpa.cpl


  • Doing this will take you to the Network Connections option where you need update & make few changes to the DNS default settings.
  • Now choose the network that you are connected to and Right click on it.
  • Go below to the Properties.


  • Choose “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”.


  • Now Double-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  • Now you will be taken to another window where you have to choose the General Option and follow the changes I am made In the Image below.


  • What you have to do is simply set the Preferred DNS server to & Alternate DNS server to and click on OK.
  • Restart your PC/Laptop.

And that’s it, this is how you can simply solve a dns_probe_finished_bad_config in a few seconds, so the next time you face the error while you are on your Browser saying dns_probe_finished_bad_config , you will know what to do. And if you are already facing the problem then now you know how to solve the problem.

Hope this article has helped with solving your problem & subscribe for more related error solutions.


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