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How to Fix ‘err_name_not_resolved’ Error in Windows

Nowadays the number of internet pages’ error becomes a big issue in our internet world. But still don’t have any proper solutions to it. Though, there are hundreds of given solution through the internet. We always get like this err_name_not_resolved, we always get puzzled to solve this problem. In this kind of circumstance or how do we fix this err_name_not_resolved error among Windows users around the world is quite a little bit of difficult. But as far my information I’ll try to give you a simple and easy steps to solve err_name_not_resolved errors in your Windows computers.


This is not actually a tough task. You don’t need to hire a professional for this. It will be wastage of money. You just need to perform some task on your Windows PC. Here, I have posted some steps which will help you to solve the err_name_not_resolved error which you found on your Windows PC’s browser.

If you follow these steps, then you can find out the way of windows pages’ error solutions. How to fix err_name_not_resolved is given below in simple steps.

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How to fix err_name_not_resolved errors – simple steps:

  1. First Solution

Your first step to Fix this err_name_not_resolved is trying to open or use the windows command prompt. And after that try to Renew DNS as well as Flush too. For this purpose, follow these:

  •  First, click on the Start button of your Windows PC.
  • Now, in the search box type ‘cmd‘. You will see the cmd.exe option in the start button option.
  • Now, right click on ‘cmd.exe‘ and tap on ‘Run as Administrator‘. Now you will see a command prompt window on your desktop screen. All you have to do now, type few lines / codes as given below. (After putting each line / code press Enter button.)

“netsh winsock reset




You’ll see after few moments away DNS cache is totally flushed. And later all you have to do is to register a new DNS then your problem will solve which are showing before as unresponsive DNS servers.

  1. Second Solution

If you are not that much satisfied with the method or the process given above is not working, then set DNS server addresses on computer manually. You’ll get a bunch of DNS server out there.

  • First of all, you’ll get something call ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’ in the task bar menu, tap on it.
  • After that select on, ‘Local Area Connection’ and select ‘Properties’.
  • And then you’ll see the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’ in the new window, select the ‘Properties’ again.

Basically, you’ll see the ‘General’ details under the new window. Select the radio button given as ‘Use the following DNS server address’. After that just type in the ‘Preferred’ DNS server box and below it you’ll see the ‘Alternate’ DNS server, type after that check and select it on the Validate setting, then Reboot your computer. If the problem is still stuck, then opt for the third solution.

  1. Third Solution

You can try by unplugging your router and computer from the power supply source, leave it for 7-10 minutes. Then plug it again till the computer fully starts and retry your browsing so that you could find out if the issue is fixed or not.

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  1. Fourth Solution

If still your Windows PC shows the error then in that case you may check these options too.

You can also check whether the browser is marked ‘Block’ or not. If the firewall blocks your internet access, then temporarily disable it and the most important thing is just to connect to the main internet connection, make sure that other internet connections are disabled. And check if the problem persists.

I hope these merely solutions could help you to Fix this ‘err_name_not_resolved’ error in windows.

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