How To Fix & Open a Corrupted RAR Files For Free

The introduction of RAR files has made every bit of our work easier as, we can now download & store more bigger files in a compressed way but most of the time our RAR files becomes corrupted or broken for one reason or another. So what will you do ??? you will not want to delete it of courseĀ as it contains many important files and documents. So here i will teach you how to fix & open a Corrupted RAR files.


I have faced this problem many times so i have finally decided to write this article to help all of you guys, so that you can fix and open all your corrupted RAR files. Personally one of my biggest headache of the corrupted RAR files was that when i use to download latest Movies in RAR files format so that i don’t need to download it in a large size and finally when i have downloaded all the parts of the movie and when i try to extract it. what happens is that it show “This file cannot be open” that’s the last thing it could be and i know that you will also be having this problem with corrupted RAR files form one reason or another. What ever the reason be the only thing you should know is how will you be fixing those corrupted RAR files and open all those files inside your RAR files. So that you can extract all your corrupt RAR files.

How to Open a RAR File


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Follow The Bellow Steps to Fix and Open all Your Corrupt RAR Files

Just follow the steps below and you will learn how to fix a corrupted RAR files. So that you will not need to delete all your files and information and you can extract all of your important files.


What is RAR Files ?

A RAR file is a compressed file that means that the file is reduce in size. So that you can speed up your files distribution over the internet and save your storage space.

What are the Advantages of using RAR Files ?

1. RAR file extension is the best when it comes to the field of compressing files into small archived so that you can speed up your file transferring an save your storage space.

2. Another main advantages is that you can break up your .rar files and send part by part. It gives a distinct feature as if you are sending a file of 80 MB you can devide your file and send it one after another. If you need more details on RAR files just follow this Link.

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Reason Why your RAR Files corrupt ?

The main reason that your RAR files may get corrupted are

1. First reason might be Error when compressing your RAR files, this is the most common reason due to which our RAR files becomes corrupted. As when you are compressing your files into .rar format a sudden shutting down of your PC which will result your RAR files to be damaged and be inaccessible.

2. Second reason might be changing your RAR files extension, as change the .rar file extension may caused to be corrupted and all the files inside will not be able to open the rar file..

3. Third reason might be caused due to interruptionĀ during the download of the .rar file from the internet. As if you have fail to download any of the components it might show error.

4. Forth reason might be CRC error.

So Now if your RAR file is corrupted what will you do and how will you open & fix a corrupted RAR file:

If you are thinking that it is going to be a big issue to repair your corrupted RAR but in reality it is not as bad as you think it to be. It takes only some simple steps to repair and open a corrupted .rar file with the help of this software.

If your RAR file is corrupted due to CRC error it can be fixed by the following steps:


Click on the corrupted RAR file which you want to extract. and open.


Now click on the “Extract to” option. Which is located in the top left corner of the screen.


Now “Extract path and options” will pop up.


Now on the left side of the screen you will find a option of “miscellaneous option”.


Now just mark the “keep broken files” option. Then now just sit back and now all your extracted files will not be corrupted.

If the above steps does not work just go for the below steps.

I will teach you here to repair and extract your corrupted file with the help of this software Remo Repair. it is a simple and most easy way to repair a corrupt RAR file.

First using Remo Repair, it is a simple .rar repairing software follow the steps to fix a corrupt RAR file


First of all download Remo Repair software here.

remo repair rar


Now install the software in your PC.


Now open the file and click on “Browse” the corrupted RAR file, which you want to recover.

remo 1


Now after selecting the Corrupt RAR file click on the “Repair” option.

repair rar file


Now select the destination where you want to save your Repaired RAR file and click on the “save” option.

fix and open rar files


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That’s it your corrupt RAR files are now successfully fix now you can now extract all your files and information from your RAR file.

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