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Best Horror Games for Android  – 2016

The best Horror Games are based on themes like darkness, goosebumps, shadows in the corner, loneliness, unusual sounds, and the scary feeling; these are my stuff that I expect from any horror games. I just love this feeling. No, I am not saying that I don’t get scared. I actually, love the feeling of being scared. Can you relate my feeling with yours? Well, you must. If you don’t, you can’t have the real fun of darkness.

I like to watch horror movies alone in the midnight, with all lights off and high volume sound. Have you ever did that? It’s crazy, right? Although, what I have experienced recently, is playing horror games, Scary games is much more Fun than watching horror movies.

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horror games for android

I have been playing dozens of best Scary Games on PC computer before Smartphones are available in the market. This era is revolutionary, as Smartphones of various platforms came to hands of common people.

Once, I wonder, “How it would feel to play a horror game or scary game (what you say) on my Smartphone? It can be another way of scary fun in the mid-night. Maybe a good night scary wish before I fall asleep.” Sounds Creepy, I know. And that’s what I am talking about. And I am telling you, you must try that.

If you are already made up your mind to have a scary adventure right at your bedroom, here is the handful collection of best free horror games for Android devices.

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Top Best Horror Games for Android Smartphone/Tab

Assuming you are holding an Android device, I have listed out some awesome horror games free of cost to download. These free horror games are addictive, adventurous, and has enough element to give you goosebumps.

The top best free horror games for android devices can be counted as follows-

horror games freeEyes – The Haunt

This game is the one of the best scary games I played on my Android. Put your headphones on, high up the sound volume, and enter the door of hell. Here is the plot of this horror game, you got to search valuable things in an old, abandoned house. Old and abandoned, these two words are just enough to explain the rest.

horror game

If you want to experience the horrifying atmosphere with a deep fear inside, Eyes is one of the best option to you as free horror games ever created for Android devices.

free horror gamesThe Child of Slendrina

The creepiest character in the Android game universe, Slendrina is back with her new avatar and her baby. If you are already played other free horror games of Slendrina series, you know better the fun of these scary games.

free horror games for android

In the gameplay, you will be chased and haunted by Slendrina, her baby, and her father. Your objective is to find the 8 broken pieces of a key. This key will open a safe, and inside the safe there is a secret which you must take out of that haunted house with you. So, it’s one of the scary games that you must go for.

scary gamesInto the Dead

Have you ever dreamt of the half-dead? That must be called a nightmare instead of a dream. This game here “Into the Dead” is right out of a nightmare you ever had. Action, adventure, horror, and suspense; everything is perfectly packed with a mind blowing high definition graphic.

scary games for android

What’s in the gameplay? “You woke up in a gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse where there are no second chance to survive. You don’t have a second thought to decide what to do to keep yourself alive. All you could do is run and keep moving as fast as you can.” Tempted enough to try this out?

hide and seekHide And Seek [Story of Dorothy]

The story of Dorothy begins, “Dorothy woke up from sleep and finds herself in the closet. She comes out of the closet but can’t remember how she got in there. Dorothy started to explore the house in pursuance to solve the mystery. Nut, on her way, she face what she didn’t expect.”

horror games

Rest of the story is for you to complete. And trust me, this is one of the best scary games free to get.

forestForest 2

This sequel piece of another free horror games Forest is the one that gave me nightmare among many scary games. Imagine of an evil ghost with long black hair on a white gown, creepy ehh? Well, that is the thing you got to face while playing this horror game.

horror games for android

Sneaking into the gameplay, your objective is to find the way out of the haunted forest in order to get rid of that ghost. You got to be quiet and careful. When approaches nearby you, you probably can hear her breath, and that is scariest feeling you would ever have.

So, what do you think? Are you going to try these free horror games without a second thought or you don’t have the enough gets? I bet you have it. You don’t need to spend a penny as these horror games free to download and install.

All you have to do is click on the link below that will direct you to Google Play store, where you can get these scary games free of cost.

Click here to download free Scary Games

Now, if you are tempted enough to enter the door of hell and darkness, the list mentioned above of best horror games for Android must show you the way.

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