Garen Counter

Garen Counter: How to Counter Garen in League of Legends

Garen Counter: Play League of Legends game online in which you have to face one of the champions, Garen, a fierce champion with a big sword. You need to beat him in this game anyhow to move forward. You need a Garen Counter who plays well against him and also you need to know about his strength and weakness and his abilities.

Garen Counter


While play League of Legends, an online multiplayer battle arena you have to play the role of a Garen Counter that means you have to pick the champions who fights well against him and learn all the possible ways and techniques to give Garen a counter attack and also beat him. ‘Riot games’ is the proud developers of this popular game and still wonderfully maintains the popularity.

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In the LOL game, the players need to assume themselves a ‘Summoner’ who is a spell caster and he has the main job to control all the champions. As it’s a multiplayer battle that means you have to destroy your enemy by destroying the ‘Nexus‘ which is the main structure of every base and it lies in between heavy defensive structures.

league of legends game

So, play League of Legends game wisely and became a warrior and Garen Counter.

League of Legends – Champion Garen:

In the LOL game, Garen is known as Might of Demacia. He is the champion in the game who always plays in the top lane and a damage acrobat. He has the great ability to sustain from his opposition’s attack and also he can easily shut down or defeat a certain champion who dares to come in his lane. He is the dominant character of this online multiplayer battle arena. To become

To become a Garen Counter to defeat him, you must know his strength, weakness and abilities.

Strengths of Garen – Might of Demacia:

  • Garen has wonderful sustain power.
  • With the passive Perseverance, Garen can easily regenerate his health.
  • He is full of courage .
  • It’s not an easy task for other champions to gank him.
  • In the early game, he is really a strong warrior to defeat.


  • A lot of other champions can easily counter him in the laning phase.
  • The damage of Garen falls him out in the late game.

Abilities of Garen:


  • Perseverance (P): It is the great ability of Garen in which if he has not been wounded by the enemy or any kind of damage for the last 10 seconds, then he is easily able to regenerate some percent- 0.5% of his maximum health life in each second.
  • Decisive Strike (Q): Here, Garen breaks all the barriers which can slow down him and gains 35% movement speed for the next 1.5,  2.25, 3, 3.75, 4.5 seconds.
  • Courage (W): With this ability Garen increases his armor passively and resist enemies (magically) by killing them. Also, to grant a protective shield, Garen can use this ability and reduces all the damages which are incoming to him.
  • Judgment (E): With the big sword Garen can perform a special dance of death as well as dealing with all the damages near to him.
  • Decimal Justice(R): With this special ability, Garen can be able to call might of demacia, a special power to finish the enemy through a big blow. It caused much damage to the enemy champion and carried out a bulk amount of the enemy’s health.

Garen Counter:

Here are the some champions in the league of legends game, who plays really good against Garen and you can pick any of them to give Garen a counter attack.


Teemo as a Garen Counter

Teemo is the another champion who plays exceptionally well against Garen. He is the popular champ here. Teemo is specially a mobile counter as well as a ninja and can give a massive damage to the enemy. So, Teemo is one of the best options as a Garen Counter.



Pick Yorick who can give Garen a tough fight in the head to head battle. Yorick is the grave digger and another champ of this game.



Get in to the battle with Kennen against Garen. Kennen has the great ninja ability to fight against Garen and it becomes Kennen a good Garen counter.


Olaf in LOL

Olaf is a classic champion with all kind of special abilities and technique to taste the defeat to his enemy.

Here are the few champions who are really good against Garen and can beat him in the game with their special abilities. Choose one of them and became a Garen counter.

How to Counter Garen – Counter Tips:

  • When you are (the champion you pick in the game) in low health, try to not stay in the Garen’s lane as he can give a massive damage.
  • Try to maintain a certain distance to him and attack.
  • Target his passive ability so that he can’t regenerate.
  • Use the slow spells on Garen until he uses his ‘Q’ ability to break it.
  • Always keep in mind that, Garen can hide in the bush. So, stay away from it.
  • When Garen’s ‘courage’ ability goes, he stays in to a cool down period for certain time. So, wait for it and make your perfect move.
  • When Garen spins, do not engage with him. It will cost you a lot amount of health.

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Garen is really a tough champion in the league of legends. You have to be more cautious while playing against him as a Garen Counter. Here, we have given all the strength, weakness and special abilities of Garen and also give you some options of Garen counters. So, choose your champions wisely and play LOL & Become a warrior.

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