Get iMessage App For Android Phone/Tablets [Free Download & Install]

How To Get iMessage App for Android Phone/Tablets: Owning an iPhone has many advantage in it and one of the major advantage to it is the iMessage app for iPhone  is that, it lets you send free messages to other iPhone user from your iPhone but now if you have recently switch from an iPhone to any other Android Phone or Tablets then you might realize that iMessage is not available on Android Device.

iMessage app for Android

So now you might be quite worried of the fact that iMessage App is not available on your Android Device and you will not be able to send any free messages to the contacts that you have on your iPhone.

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Now if I tell you that I have got a way that will let you use iMessage App on Android, Sounds quite interesting right as it will allow you to send free messages using iMessage App on Android Phone and Tablet. So here in this article we will go through a guide on how to get iMessage App for Android Phone/Tablet.

iMessage For iPhone

iMessage for iPhone is one of the default pre-installed that you get with most of the iOS devices by Apple. This App will let you send free message to other iPhone user using your Apple ID. So it certainly makes it quite easy to keep in contact with your Friends and Family.

Now you can distinguished between a iMessage text on your iPhone and Normal text by seeing the color of the text as if the text is of blue color it is an iMessage and if it is green then it is a normal Text on your Phone. And iMessage gives its user the facility to know if the message was deliver and read which ultimately makes it quite easier to know if your Friends are busy or free.

Download and Install iMessage on Android|Get iMessage App for Android:

Now if you have shifted to an Android device but you want to send free message using the iMessage App then you will just need to follow the guide below to get iMessage on Android Phones and Tablets.

{P.S: Let me clear out that Sending message using iMessage is not 100% save as there is a concerned about the privacy of message that you sent as the Message that you sent is receive by the Third party software which is further redirected to the iOS device that you want to send the message}

But nevertheless if you really want to get iMessage on you Android pone and Tablet here is what you will need to do to send message using iMessage on Android.

Get iMessage App for Android:

  1. First of all you will need to download the Apk file of iMessage for Android on your PC.
  2. Now once you have downloaded the file of the iMessage on your PC you will just need to transfer the file to your Android device.
  3. And once it is done you will just need to click on the file to install the iMessage app on your Android.
  4. Now once the installation process of iMessage app on your Android Phone is completed you will be able to use iMessage app to send messages from your Android Device.

That is the simple guide that you will need to follow to get iMessage App on Android phone and tablet and after  downloading and installing iMessage app on Android phone you will be able to send free messages to other iOS users.

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