How Does PayPal Work On eBay/eBay Auction- Step By Step Guide

Using PayPal but ever wondered how does PayPal work on eBay?

This question might come to some users mind, as PayPal waving their popularity in the digital transaction market. No service charge or any hidden charge for using PayPal. Till now PayPal accepted as a digital method of payment in 202 countries.

In the war of cyber hacking, people are more conscious sharing their details on websites. With PayPal account, you don’t have to share your credit card details. With just simple 3 steps you can open PayPal account and experience the safest ways to buy, sell, transfer money through online.know how does PayPal work on ebay

If you care about PayPal terms and how can you purchase and pay with PayPal then I will give a neat idea about it.

Well, when you make your mind for using as a new customer or seller on eBay then PayPal comes in our mind first. This payment system is specialized by the most renowned online market eBay. Not only this but many things that make PayPal a well-preferred payment system.

Now before I discuss on how does PayPal work; here are the short but mostly in-depth details about PayPal.

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What’s PayPal and How it Works?

PayPal is an internet payment method that works ease exchanging money between eBay users or traders.

By joining to the PayPal, you can create your own account. And you can use as commonly as other banking systems do. However, it has unique ways from the common transaction system.

To be more specific, see what can you do having a PayPal account.

  1. You can hold money in your PayPal account.
  2. A PayPal account holder can use PayPal debit card for a real-world transaction.
  3. From your credit/debit account, you can transfer money to your or any PayPal account your want.
  4. PayPal to PayPal Account can send money, request for money.
  5. This account can be used for online money transaction such as online money payment, online shopping and much more.

Apart from this, do you know that using PayPal account you can even use your account as a payment method for some simple auction? Know how does PayPal work for Auction payments.

  1. Win An Auction: If you make a purchase in an auction or for your winning bid, with your PayPal account, it can be purchase.
  2. Auto Payment Method: By using PayPal and synchronizing with it, it can even trigger auto payment method for your Auction winning bid. The seller will get the money automatically if you pre-set this feature.
  3. Easy Check Out With PayPal: On the eBay auction list, PayPal user gets the dedicated PayPal method and can check out on the go.
  4.  Seller Receives Money: After your every auction money transfer, sellers receive the funds sent by auction winner. Now it is possible if a seller want to transfer their received money on their bank/credit/saving account

These methods may sound complicated to some but in the real-time using it will become ease and easy after use. So,  you might have come out with some idea how does PayPal work.

Now, let me show you how PayPal works on For every purchase, you can follow the below given steps to use PayPal payment method or checking out with your PayPal account.

How Does PayPal Work? Know How To Purchase Goods on eBay!!

If you just owned a PayPal account or have never used PayPal on eBay for any transaction then let me help you with it.How to do payment with PayPal on eBay

Here are the steps for purchasing goods on eBay website.

  • At the very first go to eBay website and log in to your eBay account (register a new eBay account if you don’t have). On the top-left of the homepage, you can log in to eBay.
  • Move your cursor on “My eBay” click on it.
  • Now go to the “Buying” menu then click on “Won.”
  • After that click on “Pay now” button to check out, a list of available payment method will be shown to you.
  • Choose “PayPal payment” method and then click on Continue for the next steps.
  • Now you will be able to preview your order on Review your purchase page. After confirming everything about order, click “Continue” button.
  • Now a login page will appear for PayPal login (if you already logged in then you will directly redirect to next page).
  • To finalize your order on eBay, click on “Confirm your payment,” and you will order will be placed.

This is all you have to do to pay with PayPal account on So, I hope you come to know how PayPal payment work on eBay, place your order now if you were thinking to buy something on this website with PayPal account.

Buying or paying money with PayPal method, a user doesn’t have to share their bank/credit card details.  PayPal is safe and secure way shopping online, sending payments rather than credit card.

How does PayPal work on the various field and on eBay; is just shared on above. I hope you have now got a neat idea about it. Enjoy safe secure and better online shopping with PayPal.


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