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How To Backup Your Phone Contacts To Your Gmail Account

Your Phone Contacts are one of the most important files that you have got on your Phone. And you know that too and keeping a backup Phone Contacts is a must. As you can lose your Phone Contacts in case of stolen, broken, lost or simply due to factory setting without a backup of your Phone. And getting your phone contacts deleted by mistake without backup can cause you a huge loss both Professionally and Personally.Backup Your Phone Contacts To your Gmail Account

I am certainly sure that you will not want to lose any of your contact Numbers of your Family, Friends or any Business Associates. So keeping up a backup for Your phone contacts is a must. Luckily, Google gives you a facility to Sync your Android Phone with your Gmail Account. Which will automatically create a backup Phone Contacts to Gmail Account?So whenever you need your contacts you will just have to look into your Gmail Account.

How To Backup Phone Contacts To Gmail Account?

You need to Sync your Android Phone With your Gmail account and this will automatically create all the backup of your Contacts in your Gmail account. So with Android Phone’s, you will not need to do any extra effort to backup your Contacts.

“If You have already Sign in Using Your Gmail. Then Skip to the next step”

  • First, you need to Hit the “system settings” option.
  • Then Click on “Account & Sync” in the Settings option.
  • After that Click on the “Add Account” option in the Account option.
  • Now “Sign in” to your Gmail Account.

backup all your contacts

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How to Manually Backup Phone Contacts To Gmail Account?

And now that you have to sync your Android phone with your Gmail you might want to check if all your contacts have been backup into your Gmail Account. As in some of the cases, the Contacts are not completely Backup. So to check if your Contacts are Backup into your Gmail Account You need to follow the steps below.

  • First “Sign in” to your Gmail.
  •  Go to the left corner and click on the “option” below the Google logo
  • Now in the Dropbox choose “Contacts”.
  • Now all of Your Phone’s Contact should appear there.

Manual Steps To Backup Your Phone Contacts:

Now after you have to sync your Android Phone with your Gmail but if your contacts are still not back up to your Gmail account you might actually want to backup all your contacts manually and to backup your contacts manually you need to follow the steps below.

Method 1:

This is an absolutely easy way to backup your contacts to your Gmail Account. As You can follow half of the same way you had used to login into your Gmail Account.

  • First You need to Hit the “Settings” option.
  • Then Click on the “Accounts” option.
  • Now click on the “Google” option.
  • Check the box of “Contacts sync” option.
  • Click on the “Sync now” option.

Now all your Contacts Saved in your Android phone will get backed up into your Gmail Account.

all contacts to gmaill

Method 2:

Here is another way to backup your contacts into your Gmail Account and here you can directly backup all your Account right from your Contacts list and to do it you have to follow the steps below.

  • Open the Contact List.
  • After that Hit the Menu option.
  • Then click n the option Import/Export contacts.
  • Now select the Contacts which You want to create a backup of in your Gmail Account.
  • Now the list will be back up on your Gmail Account.

So these are the ways you have to use to backup your contact to your Gmail Account on your Android Phone and now you can keep your contacts safe even when your phone is stolen, broken or anything. I hope this Article has helpful to you to backup your contacts. Leave your Lovely feedback in the comments.

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