How To Boost Speed of Your Laggy & Hang Smartphones

Smartphones eventually have made our work much easier. As now we have the ability to control everything in the tip of our fingers but with advantages come some defects and problems, one of the most common problems among them is hanging and lagging of our smartphone. As even the most high-class Smartphones becomes laggy and starts hanging with the past to time.

This is one of the biggest problems we face with our smartphone. As smartphones being electronic device it will eventually have some point of break down. Which generally results in slowing down our work but if you know how to boost the speed of your laggy & hang smartphone you will eventually be able to do all your work with ease.

I personally don’t like when my smartphone becomes laggy and starts hanging. As our smartphones are manufactured to sustain certain limit of workload, and after crossing certain limit it will start to hang which is annoying but there are some ways by which you can boost your smartphone speed to a certain point.

Here Are The Tips To Fixed Your Laggy & Hang Smartphone:

You can follow the tips given below to fixed you lag and hang so that you will be able to do all your work in a smoothly way and in limited time as possible.

boost your smartphones speed

Some Reasons Behind Lag And Hangs:

  1. RAM

Your phone availability of RAM is one of the main reason behind lag and hang of your smartphone. I would advise you to buy a smartphone with more RAM which will generally result in more speed of your phone’s performance.

  1. Memory

Another thing to keep in mind is the space of your phones internal memory. If your space is low, it will generally result in the hanging and lagging of your smartphone. Like if you have some app like best icon packs for smartphone, it will make your phone beautiful but will also slow it down.

  1. OS version

Another reason that your smartphone might be laggy and starts hanging might be because of your OS version. If your phone OS version is outdated then you will obviously experience that your phone gets hang many a time when using. As the other latest update apps will consume a lot of RAM from your phone which will result in lags and hanging of your smartphone.

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How To Fix your lags and hang:

1. Uninstall all your unwanted apps

The first way is to clear all your unwanted apps as if you will run more apps on your phone, it will generally result in consuming your RAM. So if you are having a low amount of RAM you can always manage it by installing only some useful apps.


  • step 1 Click on the “setting” option of your phone.
  • step 2 Click on the “apps” option
  • step 3 Click on the “Uninstall” option to remove all the unwanted apps.

2. Reduce your background apps

There might be many apps which are running in the phone background even without your knowledge. So I would advise you to check on the number of background apps and force stop them.


  • step 1 Click on the “setting” of your Android phone.
  • step 2 Click on the “apps” option
  • step 3 Swipe to the “Running” tab and simply force stop those apps which are running in the background.

3. Clear your app cache

Apps generally build up cache which will result in hangs and lags and it has to be clear on a regular basis as your apps will starts building cache again and again.


  • step 1 Click the “setting” option
  • step 2 Click on the “apps” option
  • step 3 Click on the “clear cache” option

4. Keep an external memory on board

Another way is to boost up your phone is by having SD card on board as it will result in more memory space to store all the files from inbuilt memory to external memory. So after having external memory inserted you will be able to move those GPS apps that run without the internet and much more on the memory card.

have memory card on board

5. Update your firmware and OS version

Another way to fix your lag and hang is by updating your OS version in every interval. As updating your firmware and OS version will bring many improvements and upgrades which will fix your lag and hang.


  • Step 1 Click the “Setting” option
  • Step 2 Click on “System” option
  • Step 3 Click on “About phone” option
  • Step 4 Click on Software Updates

So these are the some of the particle ways which I find it useful to boost the speed of smartphones and fix laggy and hang smartphones. You don’t need any third party app on your phone for doing all these steps, you just need to go to the Settings of your phone and start playing tricks. All these steps are very easy to do, but if you are having some other effective ways to get rid of laggy and hang smartphone then you can comment me down.


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