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How to Counter Blitzcrank- the Great Steam Golem: LOL Counter Tips

Counter Blitzcrank: Blitzcrank is a lightning type of champion and also a very good for supporting player. When you are a battle with the huge unit of enemies, he is a perfect match for controlling the crowd. His Rocket Grab is one of the strongest attacks that can take any champion in the battle. He grabs the enemies and drag back and stun them and ultimately killed them all. So overall he is a complete tank dealing huge physical damage for the other champion. Besides, he can also release the Mana shield that can prevent him from any incoming Attacks.

To counter Blitzcrank is not an easy task when you are facing in the battle. Not until you choose a skill champion that can turn against his. So here we have brought some of the important and useful tricks to sue when you are playing the game league of legends.


How to Counter Blitzcrank

Here we have four extremely good counter picks by which you can easily win the battle with the Blitzcrank. As she is a slow champion, you must select the champion dealing high-speed attacks and skills.

Counter Pick for Blitzcrank- The Great Steam Golem

Sivir, the Battle Mistress

Sivir, the Battle Mistress is the first counter for Blitzcrank which her special abilities is quite effective against him in the battle. Her ability like Spell Shield is one of the defense types which she can create a magical barrier that can overtake Blitzcrank’s Mana Barrier. And this will block all other incoming hits from the enemies.

In the next attack, she will use her Boomerang Blade, which will deal with the physical damage. The blade can reach far distance which Blitzcrank even after dashing far away will be a victim of her Boomerang Blade.

blitzcrank counter

Morgana, Fallen Angel

Morgana is a long type champion which you will get a full advantage for countering Blitzcrank. The ultimate i.e. Soul Shackles is a perfect attack where she brings out the chains full of energy and swiping the nearby enemy champions. This will also stun the enemies and reduce the movement speed. The enemies remain stunned for 3 seconds and then having a greater chance of making the strike on them.

blitzcrank counter

Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer

Blitzcrank is a very slow champion, so here with the help of  Ezreal’s Ultimate- Trueshot Barrage you can easily give him great damage. This ultimate will winds up a powerful barrage of Fire for 1 second and with a blow he fires the missile like fire Barrage. This is a huge barrage which gives maximum damage to the whole unit of enemies. And Blitzcrank having slow range would not have a chance for escape in the battle.

blitzcrank counter

Alistar, the Minotaur

Alistar, the minotaur special attack like Headbutt is the best shot by which Blitzcrank will be down on a strike. Alistar marks the target and dash with the maximum speed which later will strike by its horn to the enemy dealing physical damage.

There is also another attack, Pulverize which Alistar smashes the ground and the enemies will get stunned for a few moment. This attack can also toss the enemies into the air and bring physical damage in the battle.


Counter Tricks for Blitzcrank- The Great Steam Golem

  1. Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab is one of the most powerful ability, you must stay away from as this attack can give you physical damage. So try to dodge when he attack with this Rocket grab.
  2. When Blitzcrank is about to release his Mana Shield, try best to get away from him. This shield is indestructible and also he can land blows upon you with no difficulties.
  3. For getting a chance of attack to Blitzcrank, after he uses his Rocket Grab. It is best for you to attack as he gets stunned for a while soon after his uses Rocket grab.

Blitzcrank Special Abilities

Here below are the special skill or abilities of Blitzcrank, The Great  Steam Golem.

blitzcrank counter

  1. Mana Barrier

Blitzcrank is a champion who has a special ability for defense. When his health becomes below 20% the now you can activate Mana Barrier which will help you get total defense. This defense is composed of mana shield equal which stays activated for 10 seconds. You can create this mana shield for defense after an interval of 90 seconds.

  1. Rocket Grab

Rocket Grab is another special attack of Blitzcrank where he can fires his right hand towards the other champions or enemies and grab to it. Now this attacks will bring huge damage to the opponent even it will drag you back to him. After the enemy is drag back, he or she will stun for few minutes and there you can get a chance for landing hits.

  1. Overdrive

Blitzcrank can supercharges by which he gains maximum Movement speed and Attack Speed. With this movement, you can either chase your enemies or you may also run away from the enemies in the battlefield. This speed will not last too long, within 5 second the special ability cooldown and its movement speed come to the normal.

  1. Power Fist

Now this is one of the special attacks of Blitzcrank that is deadly too. He charges his fist which will double his attacking deal and damaging double from his normal attacks. When he struck the enemies, the enemies flew into the air. This attack is a one-shot special where the enemies will get stunned after hit.

  1. Static Field

This is the ultimate skill where you can deal a maximum damage to the enemies using the lightning bolts. This attack is very powerful that can blow the whole target and giving huge physical damage to the nearby enemies. The intensity of this attack remains for 0.5 seconds and also destroy all the enemy champions.


So these are some of the important details of Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem. He has some of the cool skills that can take any champions in the fight but when you use the counter picks shown above, you can take him down easily. Beside the counter tricks is very helpful, use all the counter picks and counter-tricks precisely to win the battle. And most importantly, if you have a good experience playing the game, then you can take any champion in the battle. So keep playing the game- League of Legends and explore the fun.

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