Counter Cho’gath

How to Counter Cho’gath terror of the void

Counter Cho’gath: Cho’gath terror of the void is a mid-range champion from the game league of legends. He is a dragon type champion and has some special abilities that can result in damaging the enemy champions. He can recover his health by killing a unit of enemies and can slow the enemy champions down by rupturing the ground and flying them into the air. When you face her in the battlefield it will be a bit difficult to pass through him without taking a great deal of damage. So below here are given some of the counter tips and also name of some long range and other range champions who can be useful to use against Cho’gath the terror of the void.

Counter Cho’gath

How to counter Cho’gath the terror of the void

Cho’gath is a mid-range champion and is a dragon. He has some special abilities that can be well damaging to the opponent champions. To be able to win a battle against her in an arena you have to choose a champion who is either long range or mid-range or can also be of low range, depends on the abilities of the champion you choose. So below are some of the champions that you can pick to have battle against Cho’gath and have a chance to win.

Counter pick for Cho’gath the terror of the void

Warwick the blood hunter

Warwick the blood hunter is a long range champion which is very useful against a mid-ranger champion like Cho’gath himself. Cho’gath can sense the weak enemy champions near him. And the blood scent of the enemy champions makes him furious thus gaining incredible speed and damaging the enemy champions by attacking. He can also do a howl and call his allies and attack altogether to the enemy champion thus outnumbering them and giving the enemy champions massive damage.

Counter Cho’gath

Riven the exile

Riven is a low range champion unlike Cho’gath who is a mid-range champion. Though to battle with Cho’gath the ideal opponent should of long range like Warwick, but a low range like Riven can also be proved quiet useful. Raven’s broken wings attack can be useful in battlefield against Cho’gath. In this attack she lashes out to the enemy champions in a series of strikes.  This attack can be reactivated three times in a short amount of time thus knocking down the first two enemy champions to the ground and knocks back the third one backwards. In addition to this attack she can also stun and damage the enemy champion with the help of her sword that can burst a runic energy.

Counter Cho’gath

Nidalee the bestial huntress

Nidslee the bestial huntress is a long range champion and can be effective against Cho’gath. Nidalee in her human form first strikes the enemy champion by throwing a spiked javelin at them that gains damages as it flies. And then in her cougar form she fatally wounds her target thus dealing more damage to them. And then she again transforms into her human form and wounds the target and after that transforms into her cougar form and attacks until the enemy champion’s lifeline is finished. Her transformation is so quick that the target doesn’t get time to attack her.

Counter Cho’gath

Rumble the mechanized menace

Rumble the mechanized menace is again a long range champion and is useful against Cho’gath. Rumble with his ultimate attack the equalizer attacks the enemy champion by shooting a number of missiles at them and creating a wall of fire which damages the enemy champion and also slows them down. In addition to this attack he can also use his electro harpoon attack. In this attack he launches a Taser, which electrocutes the enemy champion and slows them down by dealing magical damage. He can launch an electro harpoon two times. While in danger zone the damage caused by the harpoon increases.

Counter Cho’gath

Counter trick for Cho’gath the terror of the void

  1. Cho’gath’s ultimate attack can be dodged by turning back or running away from the targeted area.
  2. You can avoid his feast ability arranging too high by killing Cho’gath wherever possible.
  3. You can protect yourself from getting true damage by Cho’gath the terror of the void’s ultimate attack if you build your health.
  4. Building your magic resistance can prove effective against Cho’gath as he is dependent on AP.

Abilities of Cho’gath the terror of the void

The special abilities of the champion Cho’gath the terror of the void is given below. All the attacks that you need to know to help you win in the game are given down below.

Counter Cho’gath


Cho’gath the terror of the void is a mid-range champion who recover health and mana whenever he kills a unit of enemy champions. With Cho’gath’s level increase the restored values also increases.


This is the ultimate attack of Cho’gath the terror of the void. Cho’gath with this ultimate attack ruptures the target location ground, flying enemy champions into the air, damaging them and slowing them down.

Feral Scream

Cho’Gath stuns the enemy champions by producing a high pitched scream towards the enemy champions by a cone, which gives magical damage.

Vorpal Spikes

Cho’Gath gives a great deal of damage to the enemy champions infront of him by attacking passively which releases deadly spikes.


Cho’gath deals a high amount of true damage by devouring the enemy champions. Cho’gath grows and gains maximum health if the target gets killed. Half of his stacks are lost upon his death nut can be regained again by killing a minion or monster.


So the above-mentioned tips can be useful in a battlefield if you face Cho’gath the terror of the void. You can choose any one champion from the above-mentioned list and there will be a 50% chance of you winning the battle. And if you want to know about the other 50% then all I can tell you is that it will come from your own skill. These tips and your skills will be the main reason of you winning any battle in a battlefield.

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