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How to counter Diana, Scorn of The Moon: League of Legends

Counter Diana: Diana scorn of the moon is a mid-range champion from the online game league of legends. In this game, Diana has the lunar powers and skills. She has some special abilities which can damage your enemies champion. She can slow the enemy champions and can gain strength from the damages of her targets. In a battlefield winning against her will be very tough so here are some tips on how to counter her and also some champion names which you can choose to battle and win against her.

diana counter

How to counter Diana scorn of the moon

Diana is a mid-range champion and has the powers from the lunar (the moon). Diana has some magical abilities that can be damaging against other enemy champions. To be able to win a battle against her you need to pick a long range or mid-range champion. So below are some of the champions who you may find useful against her.

Counter pick for Diana scorn of the moon

Mordekaiser, the iron reverent

Mordekaiser the iron reverent is a long-range champion and so using him against her will be very much effective. His ultimate attack harvesters of sorrow cover two enemy champions who are allies in a magnetic field and which gains the enemy champions speed in their movement towards one another. When the enemy champions are near each other, the metals will violently swirl damaging a great deal to the enemy champions per second. This attack will be very much helpful to win against Diana in a battlefield.

diana counter

Galio, the sentinel’s sorrow

Galio the sentinel is also a long range champion like the previous one Mordekaiser so using him against a mid-range champion like Diana will prove to be effective. Galio’s resolute smite attack can slow down and give damage to the enemy champions by the concussive blast that he shoots from his eyes. Along with this attack, he can also use his bulwark attack by shielding an ally champion which restores their armor and magic resistance and restores Galio’s health each time the enemy champion attacks the ally.

diana counter

Vladimir, the crimson reaper

Vladimir the crimson reaper is a mid-range champion like Diana. Vladimir the crimson reaper’s ultimate attack hemoplague can be very much effective against Diana. Vladimir with this attack infects an area where enemy champions are standing with a virulent plague. The enemy champions that are affected with the plague takes additional damage for the duration. After few seconds, the infected enemy champions by hemoplague deal magical damage and Vladimir gets healed for each of the enemy champion hit.

diana counter

Fizz, the tidal trickster

Fizz is a long range champion but his attacks are not that effective as the other champions so he comes fourth after Vladimir the crimson reaper who is a mid-range champion. Even though he is not as strong as the others he still has some attacks which can stun or damage Diana. Fizz with his urchin strike attack strikes the enemy champions and runs through them giving them a great deal of damage. In addition to this attack, he can also use his trickster attack where he lands on his spear after hoping in the air. While he is on his spear he can slam his enemy champions and hop back to air again just out of the enemy champion’s reach.

diana counter

Counter trick for Diana scorn of the moon

  1. If you want to have a chance of winning then try avoiding Diana’s ultimate attack crescent strike. It gets relatively easy to dodge the attack once you get used to its arc.
  2. As crescent strike is Diana’s ultimate attack which can damage the enemy champions massively, so by avoiding this attack you can significantly reduce her damage output.
  3. Diana’s Pale Cascade which produces three magical spheres orbiting around her gives a great deal of damage to the opponent so it will be wise if you wait for your turn till her shield has worn off as the pale cascade doesn’t last for long.
  4. Diana is a moonlight champion having power from the lunar and she is committed to fights. You can devastate her by stunning her after she has used her ultimate attack crescent strike.

Abilities of Diana scorn of the moon

The special abilities of the champion Diana scorn of the moon are given below. All the attacks that you need to know to help you in the game are given down below.

diana counter

Moon silver Blade

Diana is a mid-range champion and has the power from the lunar. Diana is a champion that has the moonlight power. She gains speed by attacking the enemy champion. If she strikes the enemy champion the third time in a row then the enemy champion gets additional magical damage.

Crescent Strike

This is the ultimate attack of Diana. She unleashes a bolt of lunar energy that can damage an arc before exploding by swinging her blade. If enemy champions are struck with the Moonlight debuff, the enemy champions are revealed if they are not stealth.

Pale Cascade

Diana gives a great deal of damage to the enemy champion by creating three magical spheres that orbit around her and which detonates when comes in contact with the enemy champion. Diana also gains a temporary shield that can absorb the damage done by the enemy champions. When the third sphere gets detonates, her shield gets additional strength.

Moon fall

Diana with her this attack draws the enemy champions closer to her and slows their movement which makes her easier to give a massive damage to them.

Lunar Rush

Diana strikes the enemy champion with a speed and gives magical damage to the enemy. Dian’s lunar rush strike has no cool down when she teleports to a target afflicted with moonlight. All the other enemy champion’s effect of moonlight debuff will be removed after the lunar rush attack.


So these are the few tips on how to counter Diana and also the name of some champions that you can use against her. But tips and suggestions aside what really matters are how you play the game. Because at the end of the day, it’s just you and your skills which will really make you a winner.

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