How to Detect Earthquake on Your Smartphone Without Installing Any App

Do you know that you can detect the Earthquake before it strikes with the help of your Smartphone and without installing any additional app to detect it, so here we will take a look on the tweak of using your Smartphone to detect the Earthquake without using any Apps.


Well as we all know Earthquake is one of the most devastating Natural calamities where Millions of people lose their life’s every time it occurs and in the most recent incident of Earthquake that took place in Nepal killing more than 7500+ people and injuring more than 15000 people and every time during this Natural calamities in any part of the world the most affected area is the sphere of Communication and we generally tend to realize how less of our technology can protect us from this devastating natural calamities.

But do you know you can use your Smartphone to detect any of the Earthquake activities without any app generally this can be very useful because all of us might not have the app installed on our Smartphone every time so here we will look at the tweaks by which you will able to detect the earthquake even without any app.

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Detect Earthquake on Your Smartphone Without Any App:

Do you know that a basic seismometer is installed in almost all the Smartphone’s that will allow you to use your Smartphone as a Earthquake detection tool and It will let you detect any seismic activity when your phone is placed on any of the flat surface.

And for detecting the Earthquake with your Smartphone without using any app you can just use your normal Web Browser.

detect earthquake on smartphome without any app

And you will have to do is visit the site  using your normal Web browser and then at the visited site you should see a continues waves form in the screen and now if you move you device even in a very slightest way the simulating activity i.e the shaking of your Smartphone will be capture in real life.

So when you want to detect any of the Earthquake activity you will just need to keep the smartphone in a flat surface and see the wave form in the screen of your Smartphone and if you see any disturbance in the waveform of your screen without shaking or changing the orientation of your Smartphone you could be sure that an Earthquake is coming near by.

The seismograph that you see on your Smartphone is based on simple JavaScript and most of the Modern day Smartphone’s have built-in accelerometers and gyroscope that which will detect the Physical movement of your Smartphone and then it will be detected by your Web browsers and then it will be mapped in the seismograph.

Then finally the motion is captured by HTML5 DeviceOreintation and DeviceMotion of your Web browser.

You can also detect the Earthquake using your computer if you are using the Google Chrome by enabling the Accelerator option under the Sensors menu inside the Google Developer’s Tools.

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Well that is all you will need to do and you will be able to “detect the Earthquake on your Smartphone without using any app” and I hope you have learn all the tips to do it.

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