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How To Mirror Android Screen on PC Without Rooting

Mirror Android Screen on PC Without Rooting: Now basically you might want to mirror your Android screen on your PC/Laptop for one reason or the other. As you might want to mirror your Android Screen so that you can play games with a large screen, watch movies on a bigger screen, or it is just for making your Work productive.

mirror android screen on pc

Now even what ever be the reason you might be mirroring your Android Screen on your PC/Laptop. But the real question that remain unaltered is “how to mirror Android Screen on PC without Rooting”. Now mirroring Android Screen on PC sounds quite teqnical but let me assure you that mirroring Android Screen is quite simple if you follow the simple guide given below.

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Guide To Mirror Android Screen on PC/Laptop Without Rooting:

Now as mirroring Android screen on PC can make most of our work much easier and it can certainly take your Android gaming experience to a whole new level with the bigger screen on hold. Casting the Android Screen on PC is supported with the devices running on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and most probably Android Devices running on the higher version.

And due to which actually there are number of Mirror App for Android in the market that you can use to Mirror Android Screen on PC. Some of them are Chromecast, AirDroid, SideSync but most of the Mirror App for Android either ask for root access or that are applicable to only some specific model of the Android Phones.

So the Best Mirror App that you can use to Mirror Android Screen on PC is Mobizen, which allows you to Mirror your Android Screen on PC/Laptop Without Rooting and the plus point about this Mirror App for Android is that it works on most of the Android Devices running at higher version than Kitkat 4.4.2.


Now you might be still having some doubts on Why to Use Mobizen for Mirroring your Android Screen on PC/Laptop. So here are some of the features that will surely make you use Mobizen.

Why To Use Mobizen: 

Now the biggest advantage of using Mobizen to Mirror your Android Screen is that you will not have to grand the Root Access which ultimately makes your device free to all vulnerable which might harm your Android Device and by using Mobizen you will not have to grand any root access to your Android Device.

But Mobizen is quite secure to use as it requires two factor authentication to connect to PC. And it also has the features like recording your Screen from both your Android and your PC.

Why Not To Use Mobizen:

Now the biggest cons regarding Mobizen is that it will not be able to run some of the high-ends games and it will only perform smoothly for the Devices having Good RAM and GPU. And another reason that might stop you from using the Mobizen to mirror your Android Screen on PC/Laptop is that its User Interface is not well crafted and its quite complicated for the one using it for the first time.

But nevertheless if you are using Mobizen for the sole purpose of Mirroring Android Screen without Root then this Mirror App is best for you.

Now here is guide that you will need to follow to Cast or Mirror Android Screen on your PC or Laptop.

Requirements To Run Mobizen:

  1. You will need to have .NET Framework Installed in your PC/Laptop.
  2. Your Android Device Should be running at the Minimum Android Version of Jelly beam 4.0+.
  3. Your Android Device should have the minimum RAM of 2 GB to Mirror your Android Screen on PC smoothly.

How To Mirror Android Screen on PC Using Mobizen [No Root]:

  1. First of all you will need to download Mobizen on your Android device and PC from the Official Website.
  2. Now you will need to sign up for a account using the App on your Android device or the Software on your PC/Laptop.
  3. Now you will need to connect your Android Device to your PC/Laptop using a USB cable. You can also use a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network to Mirror your Android Screen but using USB is the most preferable one.
  4.  Now you will need to enable the USB debugging in the Apps developer option.
  5. And once you sign in using your Mirror App or Mirror Software you will need to set up a 4 digit authentication code, Which you will need to use when connecting your Android device to your PC.
  6. Now once you have entered the code your PC/Laptop will start Mirroring your Android Phone.

And that is all you will need to do to Mirror Android Screen on PC/Laptop and now you will be able to Cast all the activities on your Android Screen to your PC.

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If you have any difficulty in using the App or Software please leave your comments below.

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