How to open blocked websites

How To Open Blocked Websites At Schools/College/Office?

We all love Social Media sites and Websites. Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other special blogs or website. But some time it may be unavailable and you might need to Open Blocked Websites especially at schools/office/college. As officials and authority of our Schools, collage or office may decide to block some of the website. The worst case scenario is that some of our favorite websites might also be blocked at our home by our parents to led us concentrate on our work or studies. I know how it feels to get your daily websites Blocked. Recently the Indian Government Issued order to banned many websites and blogs.

How to open blocked websites

Now, what will we do as our favorite websites are blocked should we give up on using our favorite websites and social media sites. I would say certainly not. As it is always said, “If there is Will Then there is a Way”. And if you are searching for the ways to access or open blocked websites at schools or College or Office then you have come to the right place.

Here I will give you a complete guide & ways on how to access blocked sites. So that you can continue to enjoy your favorite websites even when it is blocked. Just go through the Article to learn the most Genuine and effective ways to Open Blocked Websites.

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Ways To Access & Open Blocked Websites:

Websites are generally blocked in three different Levels:

  • Computer Level.
  • Network Level.
  • Government Level

But here we will not go too deep into the topic of types of Blocked Websites and We will go straight into the guide on how to open Blocked Websites at Schools, Colleges & Offices.

  1. Proxy Address In Browser settings:

I actually feel this is the most genuine and effective way to open a blocked website. Here, I will be using Firefox Web Browser. There are many other Browser which supports the use of Proxy IP and you can use any of them. A list of Proxy Website has been provided Here.

First of all, open the Mozilla Firefox Browser and Click on the settings. Now Click on the Advance Setting Option and Now the Network Option, Now again click on the settings(configure how Firefox connects to the Internet) option. And Now select the Manual Proxy Configure, Port at 8080. Now Your Browser will surf the Website using the IP Address.

  1. Proxy Websites To Open Blocked Websites:

I feel this is easiest one of them all. Here actually it is the Proxy Website that works as redirecting online severs to the block websites. Here are some of the Proxy Websites that you can use.

use proxy to visit blocked websites

I am using this proxy site to open the block Website but you can use any one of the above and it should work fine. First of all, go to the proxy site mentioned above and enter the URL of the Blocked Website in the search box now click on the surf option. Now you will be able to access Blocked Websites.

  1. Unlock Website with Google cache:

Google generally stores each and every Website that comes in their SERP in the form of cache. Just you need to search the blocked Websites on Google which you need an access into and you need to Click on the CACHE link. And with this, you will be able to access the Blocked Websites.

  1. Using Translation Web service:

This is actually a very Few know way you could use to open a blocked website. Here you just search the URL that is blocked in those search sites. Now you can convert the whole web pages from one Language to another and you can access it. You can use Google Translator or Bing Translator.

  1. Open Using IP Address:

Normally Office & College uses Software to block a website in the limited area, where they enter the URL of the Websites which they want to Block. So when even we use the domain name to enter into that particular Website it gets Block. So for entering into those Blocked websites, you can use the IP Address of that Websites instead.

easily access blocked websites

  1. Use HTTPS Instead of HTTP:

You can use HTTPS instead of using the normal HTTP, the data will be encrypted in case of HTTPS.  As if you are trying to surf then use Facebook instead and open blocked a website.

  1. Use Web2Mail:

There are many websites who will mail you a whole a Webpage on your request. But I personally prefer to use Web2Mail because it is simple and absolutely free of cost and they will lead you access into any Websites through their Mail.

So, these are some of the best and effective ways to open blocked websites at School/College/Office. Now start exploring all the Web world without any restrictions even when it is blocked at your place.

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