Password Protect your PDF Files & Microsoft Word Documents

How To Password Protect Your PDF Files & Microsoft Word Documents?

Here you will learn the way to Password Protect your PDF Files & Microsoft Word Documents. PDF files & Microsoft Word Documents are best and easiest platforms to write and edit your documents and files. It is the one you should choose and their is no doubt about the quality of Microsoft word and PDF Files but what comes in our mind is the password security of our PDF & Microsoft Word Documents as it contains one of our most important and sensitive files and documents. So it is natural that you will like to know the secret of password protecting your PDF files and Microsoft word documents.

Protect PDF files and WOrd files iwth password

It is actually, their are no secret in protecting your PDF Files & Microsoft Word with password. As luckily both Adobe Acrobat  PDF and Microsoft Word Documents comes with an inbuilt facilities for password protecting your PDF files and Microsoft Word Documents. So now you can protect all your important PDF Files and Documents from any foreign hands that may harm your important files and documents.

Steps To Password Protect Your PDF Files & Microsoft Word Documents:

We generally like to keep all our information about our business, personal life and many other materials in PDF & Microsoft Word format but now you will be able to protect your PDF & Word files with password so you will be able to keep all your important files and documents save and sound only for yourself. Just you need to follow this simple steps:

Password Protect Your PDF File:

Step 1                                       

First of all you have to install Adobe Acrobat you can buy a full version or you can use a trial version for free for 30 days both of them works its just that the trial version will not be available for you to use after 30 days. You can download the latest trial version .

Step 2

After you install Adobe Acrobat launch it, now click File menu at the upper-left corner and select open and now you can choose the particular PDF file which you want to password Protect and open the PDF file.

password protect pdf files

Step 3

Now Click on on the File Menu again and now go to properties and click the securities option.

Step 4

Now click on the drop-down method menu in the security method option and select Password security.

Step 5

Now a new window should pop up where you will need to insert your desire password. I would recommend you to choose a combination of lowercase latter and uppercase with symbol and different combination so that you will be the only one to know the password.

Password Protect Your Microsoft Word Documents:

Step 1

First of all you need to install Microsoft Word in your Computer you can download it online here or you can buy a disk of Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Open the Document with Microsoft word first go to the document you want to open and right click the mouse and click on open with option and select Microsoft word.

Password Protect Your Microsoft Word Documents

Step 3

Now click on the File option on the upper-left hand side corner.

Step 4

Now go to Info and you will find an option of Protect document click on it.

Step 5

Now click on the Encrypt with Password option.

Step 6

A new Window will pop up where you will enter your password. You should keep in mind that you should keep a password which is easy to remember for you.

[NOTE: This steps for “Password Protect & Lock your Microsoft Word Documents” is specifically for Microsoft Word 2013 version and it may have little variation with the Microsoft Word 2007 version]

So these are the ways by which you can password protect PDF files and Microsoft Word documents. I hope I was able to help you in protecting your files and documents. Do leave a comment below for further queries.

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