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How to Recover Deleted message in Facebook

Hey there, here I come again with awesome tricks of Facebook. There are many Facebook tricks that have been in allowed in Facebook but not all people are known to this features/tricks. Today I’m going to share you about how to recover deleted message in Facebook, this is a very new feature in Facebook that the facebook users should know. This feature has helped me a lot in recovering my important messages in Facebook.


Facebook has been developing its features day by day making more user friendly so that the users feel more independent is using it. How to recover message in Facebook is very new and important features that has been added, for recovering  your important facebook messages you don’t need to waste much time, if you know this easy steps. That I’m going to tell you now.

Steps- how to recover deleted message in Facebook:

I personally would suggest you to adopt this easy step to recover deleted message in Facebook and you can use this steps to recover the deleted pictures, videos etc. in Facebook:

1. First of all login your Facebook account and then go to setting after you click on general account settings menu icon.

2. Now in that settings tab, you can see Download a copy of your Facebook data. Now click on link Download a copy.

3. After you click on that Link you will be heading to a new page. In this new page, you will find a button ” Start My Archive” within a green colour background.

how to recover deleted message in facebook

4. Click on the button and after clicking it you will be asked to give your password, you will be asked some question for security by the Facebook authority. This may be tricky so you need to be sure with your answers.

5. After completing the question answer session by Facebook. Within sometimes you will receive an email (the email that you have used to create your Facebook account) from facebook with the download link.

6. After receiving a mail from Facebook with the download link. You click on that link and you can easily download the zip file on your PC.

7. Now after downloading the zip file, you can easily find the lost photos, message etc. After downloading the zip file, there will be a zip file so for opening that double click on the file and select the browser you want to opt=en that HTML file with.


Isn’t this step are easy to remember and also to teach other? This is all you need to do recover your deleted message or pictures. Now after recovering it you can copy paste it or cut that.

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This are all the steps that you need to do for recovering your important Facebook texts and solve the problems that you are facing because you can’t recover your deleted message. But I know now you will be able to easily come up with your problems that you are facing because you can not recover. Aren’t this steps easy to you?

This is all about how to recover deleted message in Facebook, so this is all new features in Facebook that not all have known it. This is all I wanted to share with you today because once I was stuck in the same problem of deleting message but I have to reseach it for some time then I have found out this steps. So I liked to share this all to you. Share you views with us in the comment box below.

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