How To Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting

How To Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting: Android phone are presently ruling the market with it’s wide range of phones available in a variety of price, features, style etc. But the sad news is that all of them slows down with the fade of time due to one reason or another. So it is important to maintain the speed of your phone so that you can experience the endless high-end features of Android phones.


So now here we will learn how to speed up Android Phone Without Rooting. Why Without Rooting ???? That can be a question that is bugging in your head right now and to know the answer you have to just read the article right till the end and i am sure that you will come to know the answer about this Million dollar question $$$ :p .

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Now when hear the word “speed up android phone” only two things comes comes up in our mind that is either rooting your Android or getting a new Android Device. Now getting a new device can just too expensive every time it slows down unless you are a millionaire, Which most of us are not including me !! So now we are left with only one option Rooting your Android Phone to Speed. But Wait that may not be the best thing to do with your Android Phone as their are many other ways for speeding your Android phone without actually rooting it and on top of that their are many unwanted disadvantages to it which you have never have the idea about it.

How To speed up Android Phone Without Rooting buddyspeaksDisadvantages Of Rooting a Android Phone:

If we talk in a practical way actually their are more disadvantages to rooting a android phone then advantages so it is a best choice if you don’t as their are many other ways on how to speed up Android Phone without Rooting which i will discuss below.

Disadvantages of rooted android phone

1. Rooting Voids Warranty:

This is the biggest Disadvantage of rooting your android phone as it will Void your Android phone’s warranty provided by your phone’s company. So the company will not repair your phone once you void your warranty. So if you really want to Root your Android Phone do it once your Warranty expires.

2. Threats of Virus:

This is another big problem that you will face if you Root your Android Phone that is exposure to Virus as you will install some ROM which may contain virus and will harm your android phone.

3. Low Performance After Rooting:

Yes, you heard it right rooting can actually lower your Android phone Performance. Yes at least for few days your Android Phone may run faster after Rooting by using some other third party apps but it will harm the graphics of your android phone which will result in slowing down the performance of your Android Device.

4.  Rooting Can Brick your Android Phone:

If you are not familiar with Bricking let me explain Bricking a Android Phone is a condition where you are not able to go for any other steps of rooting and your android phone gets hang and the phone will be useless (Results you have to go for a new Android phone).

Follow the Points to Speed Up Android Phone With No Root:

1. Update your Smartphone Firmware or Version:

The reason your Android phone might be slowing down is because the Android version of your phone might be outdated. Updating your firmware will fix some lags, bugs and other issue which might slow down your Android phone experience so I will always recommend you look for update to speed up a Android Phone if you want to speed up android phone.

speed android phone


  • Go to “Settings” option.
  • Click on “About phone”.
  • Click on “System update“.

2. Reset your Smartphone:

If you are having problem with speed of your phone it could be due to some malware and error in your Android Phone. You could reset your phone and make it a new one. Which will most probably delete all you error. I would recommend you to save all your useful contacts, email, files etc before you reset.

How To speed up Android Phone Without Rooting


  • Go to “Settings” option.
  • Click on “Back up and reset”.
  • Click on “Factory data reset”

3. Search The Google Play Store for Useful Application:

Another way is to search the Google play store for apps that will give a boost to the speed of your android phone as their are tons of useful apps that are available.

apps to speed up a android phone


  • Go to play store
  • Search Android Speed booster

4. Check the internal Memory Space:

Another reason due to which your Android phone might slowing down is due to lack of internal storage. So I will recommend you to have a external memory on-board.



  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Storage

5. Uninstall all your Useless Application:

If you want to run your Android phone faster I would most recommend you to uninstall all your useless applications. As there are too much application for your phone to run. Which will generally lead to slowing down of your Android phone.

uninstall useless apps to speed up android device


  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Apps
  • Click on Manage Apps
  • Select the unwanted apps
  • Click on Uninstall

6. Kill background Application:

There are many application which runs in the background even without any of your knowledge. Which will generally lead to decrease in the speed of your Android phone. As they will consume much of your RAM and memory.

kill apps


  • Go to Menu
  • Click on Running application
  • Long press apps
  • Click on the apps

7. De-fragment your Phone:

Like your PC your phones can run faster when you defragment you disk. As fragmentation leads your processors to work much harder. So you should defragment your phone at least once every week.


  • Go to play store
  • Type Android defragmenter

8. Turn off Background Data:

The background apps are not the only things which runs in the background without your knowledge. Such services as Facebook, Twitter or WeatherBug constantly download data so that when you launch them, all the content is up to date. That’s easy to stop.

turn off back ground data

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Click Data Manager.
  • De-select Background Data.

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So this are the some of the ways how to speed up Android Phone without Rooting as rooting is not the only the way to speed up a Android phone. So now you can work and enjoy your Android Phones much faster.

I hope this Article has help you. If you have any question or suggestion or i have missed any points just leave your comments.

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