How to Stop Stalkers on Whatsapp for Android & iphone Users

Are you aware of the fact that any particular People can stalk your activity using your Whatsapp account on your Android an iPhone? This can be quite disturbing for those how are using Whatsapp and don’t have any idea about the Stalkers on Whatsapp. So here we will give you some of the tips which you can follow to stop Stalkers from stalking your activities via Whatsapp for Android & iPhone users.


We all know that Whatsapp has become one of the leading free Messaging app using which you can chat with your Friends and Family not only that recently Whatsapp also launched its Calling feature with which you can call to any of your Whatsapp contacts using your data connection so it is one of the best messaging app around with Millions of Users around the Globe.

And as we all know that with advantages comes disadvantages and one of the biggest disadvantages of using Whatsapp is like any other app the Privacy of the Users and every now and then Whatsapp is adding new features to improve its User friendly nature but on the contrast the features can also be used by Stalkers to keep up to date about your activities which will ultimately cause problem with your Privacy.


So today we will look into how to stop stalkers on Whatsapp for Android and iPhone so that you can protect your Whatsapp account from any Stalkers around.

Stop Stalkers on Whatsapp for Android & iPhone Users:

So here are some of the tips that you must try out to ensure that you are protected from any Stalkers that might use Whatsapp to stalk on your Activity.

Block Unknown People:

stop stalker on whatsapp for android and iphone

Adding unknown people is the common way by which stalkers will use to stalk over your activity and blocking those unknown people is the first tip that you must follow to stop stalkers on Whatsapp for Android & iPhone users now to block those unknown contacts on your Whatsapp open the chat Window of the particular contact which you want to block  and now you will need to tap on three dots and then select the more option and then finally tap on “Block” option to block that contact and later if you would like to contact that Whatsapp contact you can just unlocked it.

Turn Off “Last Seen” Feature:

disable last seen feature

Another thing that you must do is to turn off the “Last Seen” feature so that none of your contacts will be able to stack over your activity by seeing your last seen feature and now to turn off the “Last Seen” feature first of all you will need to tap on the Settings menu of your Whatsapp app and you will need to tap on Privacy option and you will just need to just go to “Who Can See My Personal Info” and then you will need to tap on “Last Seen” option and you can choose the one’s with whom you want to enable the last seen feature.

Hide Your Profile Photo:

hide dp on Whatsapp

Keeping your DP of Whatsapp for Public viewing is not a good idea for your Privacy and its good idea for you to change your Privacy of your Whatsapp Profile Picture and to change the settings first of all you will need click on the three dots menu at the upper left corner and then you will need to select the Settings and then in the next Window you will need to tap on Account and then the Privacy and now you will need to tap on Profile Photo and then you can choose the one’s with whom you want to make your DP available.

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Turn Off Your Whatsapp Blue Tick:

disable blue tick on whatsapp

Recently Whatsapp has added the Blue Ticks for its user and this feature lets you understand if your Message is seen or not. As you sent your Message through Whatsapp it will show two grey tick and once the message is seen by your recipient the grey tick will turn into blue tick but this feature can be certainly on of those features that is certain to use by the Stalker and it can cause a problem for your Privacy and to deactivate it you will need to tap on the three dots menu and then your Settings menu after that you will need to tap on the Privacy menu and under the Privacy menu under the Messaging menu you will need to unchecked the “Read Receipt” option.

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And for all the iPhone users you can follow the same tips to stop the stacker from stacking your activities on Whatsapp but iOS devices might not allow to disable the Blue Ticks and to do it you might actually need to Jailbreak your iPhone but nevertheless you got so many option to stop stalker on Whatsapp for iPhone users.

Well that is all the tips that you should follow to stop stalkers on Whatsapp for all the Android and iPhone users so that your Privacy will be protected.


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