How To Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number 2016

How To Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number 2016: Do you want to use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number or Without having a SIM Card on your Phone?? … then this article is just what you required to learn how to to use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number 2016.

WhatsApp without Phone number

Now WhatsApp is one of the leading messenger app for Android, iOS, Windows devices that will let its users send free messages to other WhatsApp users. And there are Millions of users of WhatsApp around the globe and as being so popular among people different problems has pop up. Which need to be solved and one of the most common solution to the problem that user wants to know is how to use WhatsApp Account Without Phone Number.

So here in this article I will walk you through the guide on how to Run WhatsApp Without Mobile Number? Now you might be actually think it is impossible because to use WhatsApp you will basically have to verify your Phone number but here is the catch in this article as here we will provide you with the guide that will allow you to use WhatsApp without any phone number.

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How To Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number or SIM Card:

Now generally there are some devices which does not support any SIM Card but most of them support Wi-Fi or other form of Internet connection. And even due to any other reasons regarding which you don’t want to use Phone Number for using WhatsApp. You can use Dual WhatsApp Account on Single Android Phone

Then you will just need to follow the simple Instruction given below to use WhatsApp without Phone Number or any SIM card.

Run WhatsApp Account Without Phone Number:

Follow the given trick below to run WhatsApp without Phone number.

  • Now if you are already a user of this messaging app on your Phone then first of all you will need to uninstall your App from your Phone. ∼ Before you uninstall your old WhatsApp you should take all the backups of your WhatsApp Messages and Pictures.
  • Once you have deleted your old WhatsApp from your Phone you will have to download the latest version of WhatsApp from the given link below.

“Download WhatsApp for Phone” or Follow our guide on WhatsApp download for Samsung to install WhatsApp on all your Samsung device.

  • Now after you have downloaded the App on your phone you will have to install the app on your Phone and you can do it easily by following the given instructions.
  • And once you have install WhatsApp, you will need to launch the app.
  • Now WhatsApp will ask you to give your Phone number with which you want to verify your WhatsApp Account. ∼ But as here we will be using WhatsApp without Phone Number.
  • So the next step that we will do is to switch your Phone profile to Flight mode.
  • Now as you have entered you Phone number for verification, But as your Phone is in Flight mode the verification process will not be completed.
  • Now as your verification process is not completed WhatsApp will ask yo if you want to  verify your WhatsApp account using alternative way.
  • Next you will have to choose the Alternative Way to verify your WhatsApp account.
  • Now you will have to choose verification through SMS and enter your Valid E-Mail address.
  •   Now you will need to click on “Submit” option but without any delay you will have to tap the “Cancel” option.
  • The next step that you will need to take is to install a fake or spoof message on your device to run WhatsApp without Phone Number.

“Download Fake Message for iPhone


“Download Spoof Message for Android

  • Next you will just have to return to your Outbox and copy the details and proceed with the false verification process using your Fake or Spoof Message app.
  • Now you will just have to enter the following details to complete your false verification and use WhatsApp without Phone Number.

                                          ” To: +447900347295

                                                    From: Your Country Code

                                                      Mobile Number

                                                          Message: Your Email Address” 

Now that is all you will need to do and you will be able to use WhatsApp without Phone Number. And without using any SIM Card on your Phone.

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