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How to Increase Blog Traffic for Free

Do you have your own blog? Does your company require you to start a blog? Are you blogging for fun? You could have so many reasons to start your own blog. However, whoever starts a blog, they aim to get traffic as well. If you are low on budget, we have good news for you. You can increase blog traffic for free. It is simple! When you join a content writing company, you will be able to understand the tips and tricks to increase blog traffic. We have listed some of the free ways to increase traffic. Take a quick look!

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1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a magical word. If you want to be visible on the search engine, you have to learn the art of SEO. The other way could invest a small amount and hire an SEO writer from a content writing agency. You can decide the pay and by using SEO, your blog will get the attention it deserves. If you do not wish to spend, you can learn to use the right keywords for your blog. If a reader has a particular interest, they will type the keyword and they will find your blog.

2. Using a Good Blogging Platform

It is very important to use the right blogging platform. You can go for WordPress. This is a quick way to start and many people have started their blog on this platform and it surely is doing very well. Check out the WordPress guide to get started!

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3. Guest blogging is a good idea

It is a good strategy to include guest blogging. You can write posts as a guest blogger too! How does that work for your blog? When you write guest posts for other blogs, you can post a link to YOUR blog. People will read your posts and they will click on the link and land up on your blog. It is very easy! The readers will notice you and it will help you to get popular as a blogger.

4. Let’s Comment

Another strategy to get free traffic is to comment on relevant blogs and websites. If you are on Quora, you can answer queries of people and post the link to your blog. If you have a good strategy, you will get a lot of traffic. Comment on social media posts and other blogs. Readers will surely notice you!

These were some of the ways you can get free blog traffic. You can always hire content writing services that are affordable. Most websites/blogs hire Ebook copywriters and SEO writers from different content writing platforms. It is not as expensive and it will help you to get a lot of blog traffic.

You can also use interactive videos in your blog. Readers love instructional videos which help them to understand the concept. Make sure that your blog is interesting and the content is relevant. Readers want answers and they should find it in your blog. All the best!

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