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Change your chating experience with 8 best UI Keyboard for Android

There are various kinds of Keyboard that you can use on your Android Smartphone and Tablets that let you text faster. You can now use the customizable keyboard that comes in various styles and design.

Basically, the third party keyboard is usually preferred for better customizable and specialized layouts with controls gestures for smarter typing.

If you are looking for the best keyboard for Android then read this post. I hope you will find out the best for your use from the listed keyboard apps.

AI Type KeyboardAI Keyboard mobile

The AI type keyboard is one of the smartest, personalized and flexible keyboard that you can use on your Smartphone and Tablets. You can design keyboard layout, change the fonts, themes, colors, and many more things with this app. this keyboard app consist of more than 800 emoji for expressing your feelings.

You can easily choose the best themes for your keyboard from the many that are available in the app. there are features like On-keyboard search which enables you to find the text instantly. You will also like the voice narration features of this app that dictates your word as you type along.

Chrooma KeyboardChrooma mobile keyboard

The Chrooma Keyboard has come with very fast and lightweight functionality with easily adapts the color to apps that you are using. This app will give you better contextual prediction with emojis and punctual suggestions. You will like its keyboard size, design, themes, fonts, and other personalization.

Using the Chrooma keyboard you can easily search and send GIFs as it is supported in all apps. This keyboard supports multi languages and you can activate the one hand mode for faster typing experience.

Fleksy KeyboardFleksy free mobile keyboard

The Fleksy keyboard provides you fastest typing experience, finding and sending the GIFs files is absolutely easy. This keyboard can be easily customized by adding extensions, shortcuts, editor and themes. There are more than 800 emojis, Stickers, GIFs and over 40 themes that give you amazing customizable experience on your Android device.

This is a multilingual typing keyboard that supports more than 42 languages like English, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, etc.

Go Keyboardmobile keyboard

This can be included in the best keyboard for Android that has over 200 million users worldwide. If you want to experience the fastest and smartest typing with correct punctuation then Go keyboard will be the best app for your use. Using the same keyboard, however, might make you bore then why don’t you try out something new.

Well, this keyboard includes a sticker, emoji, font, smiley and other interesting stuff. There are more than 100 fonts in this keyboard which you can slide and input easily. you can select themes and languages as well from multiple options available in this app.

Google KeyboardGoogle Keyboard for mobile

This is one of the reliable and exclusive keyboards that comes with multiple features like Glide Typing, voice typing, and other impressive and handy features. you can easily make your typing faster by gliding your fingers on the keyboard. One of the most interesting things about this Google Keyboard is that on pressing the G key you can access to News articles, weather forecasts, sports score, etc.

In this standard keyboard, you don’t need to type manually all the things rather the dictionary gestures and suggest the possible sentences. The app supports multiple languages and it enabled any suggestive languages without even tapping on the keyboard.

Multiling O KeyboardMultiling O Keyboard

This is one of the most super light and flexible keyboard apps for android devices. There are more than 200 languages in this app and it saves much of your battery power with auto text features. There are 5-rows to 4-rows layout and for typing the long word you can just enable the gesture which will avoid typing such a long sentence.

You can easily resize the keyboard and add beautiful themes, layouts, emoji, etc.

Minuum KeyboardMinuum keyboard for Smartphomne

The Minuum keyboard is one of the excellent small keyboards that is included among the top 14 best Android apps 2014. It is best for sloppy typing, smart emoji, and shape-shifting that saves much of your screen space and gives you one hand typing experience. It supports maximum languages and its cursor control tweaks all kinds of text, post, and emails that you type.

Express yourself now in a better way by accessing to more than 856 emojis and you can also cut-copy-paste any messages. There are more features included in this app such as smart word prediction, vocabulary control, voice typing, real multitasking, etc.

Smart Keyboard TrialSmart Trial keyboard for android

This is one of the best keyboards for android that comes with custom text shortcuts, voice input, prediction of sentences, easy switch between languages, quick gesture control, easy download themes and much more.

You can easily add thousands of customization options such as sound, smiley, prediction, calibration, etc. This is one of the best international keyboards for Android users and users will definitely love using this app.

If you want to try something more than your simple keyboard then some of this suggested android keyboard apps can be best for you. Some of these apps really hold good features which you will like using your Smartphone and Tablets. So, experience fast and standard typing experience with emoji, smart word prediction, vocabulary control, voice typing, real multitasking, etc.

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