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Kindle Cloud Reader – Everything You Need to Know

kindle Cloud Reader:

Kindle Cloud Reader is a web-based app from Amazon through which you can read Kindle books online in your web browser. All you need is just a computer with compatible web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc and an Amazon account.

Before I proceed further, take a look at What actually Amazon Kindle is?

amazon kindle

Designed and released by Amazon, Amazon Kindle is a device through which you can read or found e-books  that is digital books that you can be able to read online. Kindle devices from Amazon let users read/ download/ browse/ buy e-books, magazines, newspapers from the Amazon’s Kindle store. All the Kindle devices are directly integrated with Amazon’s Kindle store to get all kind of contents. There are over 1 million Kindle books are available in the Kindle library for the US.

Details About Kindle Cloud Reader:

Kindle cloud reader

Kindle Cloud Reader is free web solution for you and you can easily visit there by clicking on the link Here. It is a good service from Amazon for which you don’t need to buy a Kindle e-reader or Amazon tablet, even if you don’t have a smartphone then also you can read an e-book on your computer with just an Amazon account. And creating an Amazon account is also very easy, just go to the site and follow the instructions.

The interface is also very user-friendly much similar to the Amazon Kindle app. Here you can see all the books from Amazon that you have purchased.

Some Facts about Kindle Cloud Reader:

Access Kindle Books from Anywhere

Yes, You can access your books on Amazon from anywhere using any browser on your computer. Even you don’t need any devices linked with your Kindle account or any Kindle Reader device, just a computer connected to internet and  an Amazon account with it is enough to access the kindle cloud.

Available for Kindle Users Across the Globe

At the time of launching, it was only available to kindle users who are the registered users of Amazon. But, now this web-based Kindle app is available to all its users around the globe with its localized kindle stores. You can access all your kindle books from anywhere across the globe with just your computer browser.

Facility to Add as well as Read Free Books

Kindle Cloud service gives you the opportunity to add and read any free books if you found on kindle store.

If found any book displayed prices as $0.00, then simply add it to your kindle account through the ‘Buy’ options which will be at the right side of your screen. The book will automatically be added to the kindle cloud reader and you can easily read that book whenever you want.

Read Kindle Books in Offline too

Normally, the books which you have downloaded from Kindle store, are only available to you to read them in offline. However, you can manage your offline reading too.

By clicking on the option ‘Download’ which will be at the top of your screen, you can download books on your computer to read them offline. For that you have to click on ‘Enable Offline’ option.

Now to download any book for offline reading, select the book, right-click on it and select ‘Download & Pin Book’. The book will be downloaded to your computer’s browser.

No Option for Add and Read any Personal Data

You cannot add and read any personal data or files to Kindle Cloud Reader. Only the books that you have bought from kindle store are availble to you to see and read.

 You can access two Kindle accounts simultaneously

Kindle Cloud Reader give you opportunity to access two kindle accounts at the same time.  If you have two kindle account, then you can access one account in one browser and another account in other browser.

If you are on MAC laptop and have a Kindle app then you can access your one kindle store account here and another one in safari browser easily. Also you can use Apple’s ipad safari browser to access your kindle accounts.

Now, let’s take a look on how you can read kindle books on kindle cloud reader.

How to read from cloud:

  • First using any web browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox go to the link and open your kindle store account. You need your Amazon login details here.
  • Now you will be on the kindle home page. Go to the library and click on a book and start reading.
  • Now to go forward to next page of any book press the right arrow key or to move back press left arrow key.
  • Also you can bookmark as well as adjust the font size with the available options there.
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