List of GPS App Runs without Internet

List of GPS App Runs without Internet

With the introduction of the GPS in Smartphone, people have been using it on a larger scale to figure out their desire destination route. It usually requires a fast active connection to perform the Google Maps functions and to find out the road direction while traveling in any place you wish to. Here, I will be informing you about the list of GPS Apps Runs without the Internet on SmartPhone.

Best offline GPS games

With the introduction of offline GPS Apps, you will no longer need internet connectivity. You don’t have to worry any longer about looking the travel destination without the internet, where you desire to visit.

Top 5 List of GPS App Runs without Internet

Check out the list of GPS App Runs without Internet which works fast and comes with unique features.

#5.Navmii GPS World:

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Navmii GPS World is a free navigation app that makes easy for a driver to travel places. It comes out with a combination of free voice-guided navigation along with the live traffic information. Driver can make a local search with a point of interest and check the driver scores. It does not require an internet connection to work as it  is an offline GPS App.

Things I like about Navmii GPS World:

  • It features both offline and online address searching mode.
  • Driver scoring, fast routing and automatic routing option.
  • Make a search with the use of Postcode or city or street and point of interest.
  • Real voice guide navigation, real-time traffic information, and local place search as well.

 #4.Maps, Navigation & Direction:

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Maps, Navigation & Direction is an amazing GPS App, letting the user plan for trips by finding out the route destination to travel. Not only that the user can use it to figure out the nearest petrol pump or ATM or restaurants, etc. Start to search the address that you are looking for to visit, by navigating with the help of Google Maps to figure out your current destination.

Things I like about Maps, Navigation & Direction:

  • In the trip planner option, one can view the world map using GPS & location tracker.
  • Check on the route plans to travel with cars or bikes or get walking directions.
  • Maps functions feature street view or traffic maps or Hiking GPS mode.
  • In the transit option user of the GPS app can get bus routes direction and bike paths for those who love cycling.
  • Find the nearest restaurant, hotel, ATM and gas station, etc.

#3.Offline Maps & Navigation:

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Offline Maps & Navigation is one of the best GPS apps that run in offline internet mode. In this App, user can have the fun of getting the unlimited navigation. It also features you with lifetime free map update which is completely free. Using the real-time of Offline Maps & Navigation app driver will be able to ignore the traffic jams.

Things I like about Offline Maps & Navigation

  • It is free offline GPS navigation app which is free to use.
  • Use the offline maps and lifetime free map updates.
  • Check on the speed limit warnings with a view of 3D buildings.
  • Consists of large POI database along with night mode on the basis of local sunset time.

#2.Here WeGO City Navigation:

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Here WeGo City Navigation makes traveling town area easier than ever. Using the offline GPS apps you can navigate any location without internet connection. Get route directions of car, buses or walking by entering the address of the place you want to go.

Things I like about Here WeGo City Navigation:

  • Find out the nearest route to your destination to make sure which transport leads you to the target place.
  • Show you the details of the current ticket price of bus tickets or taxi fares
  • Check the traffic to make sure by what time you will reach your selected destination.
  • Use the GPS navigator along with the voice guide to go for a clean ride.

#1.Waze GPS, Maps & Traffic:

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Waze GPS, Maps & Traffic is at the top of the list of GPS App runs without internet connection. Get a driver in your nearby location who shares the features of real-time traffic. Collect the road information for saving your time or gas or money as well. Using the app you will be able to report the incidents of accidents and gather the information of the nearest gas station.

Things I like about Waze GPS, Maps & Traffic:

  • Step-by-step voice guide navigation
  • Use the live routing which is on the basis of community drive or real-time traffic along with the road information.
  • Automatic mode of rerouting in the changing situation of the road.
  • Find out the cheap gas station in your nearby location.
  • Check on your friends ETA while going make for a ride into the same destination.

These are complete details of the Top 5 List of GPS App Runs without the Internet into your Smartphone. Have you tried any of the above games? If you have tried then share me your experience regarding the game.


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