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Mehndi Designs for Kids 

Mehndi is one of the most important roles of rituals in Indian especially. It is actually a dye of leaves and stems from the Henna plants. Mehndi adorns the bride’s hands and feet during the wedding. And if you are in India you attend anyone’s wedding you will not see a single bride without Mehndi especially in Hindu and Muslim culture. Mehndi is already popular but you might need to look out some design that can give your kids a cute look.

Definitely, it will be wonderful baby applying Mehndi in hand and no matter whether there is any occasional or not. Mehndi is a pure herbal leaf so do not worry about any complications or getting allergy into your baby’s hand. I assure you it will never happen. Your baby will be very excited during the entire application process of Mehndi and sit quite with so much of patience to see how cute the Mehndi with her cute soft hands is.

So today I’m here to suggest some of the cutest designs of Mehndi for your baby. You can choose any from the below designs.

Really Cute Mehndi Designs for Kids:

  1. Cute Mehndi Design for babies:

mehndi for kids

This cute design of Mehndi will be perfect for your little beautiful princes’s soft hands. All of the designs are so simple, adorable and perfect for baby. Imagine your little princess with this specific Mehndi design. In any occasional celebrations, she will definitely be looking more lovely and when the guest or relatives compliments, wow little princess so cute with Mehndi appliances. She will be very happy and more than her it is you who will be feeling great.

  1. Unique Mehndi design for baby:

mehndi designs for kids

The typical flower motifs are perfect for your baby’s hand. Look at the designs so unique and classy aren’t will it look best for your lovely daughter. Definitely, it will, and best of the design is that it is so easy to grab someone’s eye on it. So it is sure that your baby will receive extra love and cares for the elders and siblings when attending any functions or occasional festivals.

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  1. Baby floral Mehndi design:

This specific design looks alike with the designs of the adults Mehndi design. But no problem that’s not an issue. The designs are formed with one of the uneven patterns of floral motif upon the design with long leaves and lots of small and tiny motifs that makes it looks more special.

  1. Simple Mehndi design for Baby:

Simple yet very elegant and perfect for the baby’s hand. It will not be so much nice as the designs look alike so much like an adult’s Mehndi designs. So this one is the perfect designs with simple beautiful flower and V shape design in the wrist looks so unique and classy.

  1. Elegant Mehndi design for baby with sparkles:

sparkle mehndi

Baby’s often like colorful stuff very much so this specific Mehndi design is perfect for your baby and she will especially love the sparkles that add shines on her hand.

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  1. Simple and cute Mehndi design for Baby:

mehndi design for kid

This particular design is so pretty and elegant. Kids especially who loves Barbie dolls and cute stuff will definitely love this particular design. The three floral designs with cute leaves and motifs look like the perfect combinations. And it will adorn your little princes’ hands.


So, these are some of the best collections of Mehndi designs for your baby. So these festival seasons simply select anyone of the cute Mehndi design and impress your little princess by applying in her beautiful and cute hand.

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