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Latest Version Plant Vs Zombies APK Download Free | How To Get Started

Many game lovers love to play the Plants VS Zombies game. In actual it is tower defense game developed by PopCap Games for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Android, iOS. This game involves homeowners who defend their house by introducing a new plant to get rid of Zombies eating their brains. So far till today, this game has earned its highest game players worldwide. The game was also nominated as many times as the Interactive Achievement Awards. So, if you also want to play this game on Android device then you might be interested in Plant Vs Zombies apk download free link.plant vs zombies apk download

Plants VS Zombies game is a single as well as multiplayer. Plants VS Zombies is a very addictive game, once you started playing this game, you will get hardly bored. However, for over 100 million people have downloaded and enjoyed this game so far. Now, with more excellent features enjoy Plants VS Zombies game. So, in this post, we will give you all the important information about this game with mind blowing features. But first, let us know some facts about this lovely game.

Plants VS Zombies APK Download: About

Now with Plants VS Zombies get ready to soil your plants with different types as many Zombies are heading your house to destroy and eat your entire brain. Furthermore, each of the plants, as well as fungus, has their own power to defend the house. The main character of the game is Crazy Dave who keeps on instructing you what to do and how to defend. In the playing field, there are around 5-6 lanes from where the zombies pass to your house.

This is a challenging game where the zombies will always try to attack your house. But it is you who needs to defend by planting many plants or fungus. The sun is the main source of power to play and soil more plants. Without the power of the sun, the game became more challenging at night. In the last, you must have the capability to face the huge enemy Dr. Zomboss. Get to know more about its downloading method if you love this Plants VS Zombies full version.

Plant VS zombies apk full version

What are the Features of Plants VS Zombies App/APK?

  1. Grow Strong Plants and Fungus:

This game has the power to earn many plants to protect the house from zombies. Also, with many seed packets, it can also power up your plants to attack zombies. With this, you can also speed up the process of plants getting matured and helps to shoot the zombies.

  1. Explore many Plants and Zombies:

While playing the game you will discover sudden groups of zombies. In that moment, all you have to do is collect as many equipments as you can that includes; sunflower, peashooter etc. There are also hundreds of zombies like with helmet, some with buckets, ladders and some with pogo sticks. T some points the zombies come suddenly in numbers but you have to learn the techniques to defend.

  1. 50 Fun Levels:

There are 50 levels of adventure mode. Now you can conquer the entire levels in either day or night. As long as you can, protect your house from zombies. In addition to it, there are 26 types of zombies and each zombie has its own specialty.

  1. Collect Coins:

As you progress in your level, now you can collect 49 powerful types of equipment and collect more coins to purchase more power up. Right from the main menu bar, you can buy coins for more stuff.

  1. Search with Travel Log:

With the help of travel log, you can explore as many levels as you wanted. And after seeing the travel log you can create a strong mind to defend your house and protect it from Zombies. Also, protect your plants from Zombies as they even eat up your plants and fungus.

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Plants VS Zombies APK Full Version – How to Download?

To download the Apk of Plants VS Zombies is very simple and easy. With just a few clicks you can get your desired results. You can easily download when you go step by step methods that we have applied below;plant vs zombies game for android

Note: Before you download the Apk file make sure you first enable unknown sources. This is because this file is a third party app and your device do not give the authority to download APK file without turning unknown sources. To do that, first of all, go to device Settings> Security settings > Unknown sources.

  1. To download the Plants VS Zombies Apk click
  2. Now you will be redirected to another APK file page and hit the Download.
  3. You need to hold and wait for sometimes until the download gets over.
  4. Right after the download is over, a confirmation message will be sent to your device.

With this, we end up with the process of downloading. This is to notify you that, this app is available in Android Google Play Store. To get the app on your device through Google Play Store click Here. As we are done with download, now we will continue with its step by step installation guide.

Plants VS Zombies APK – How to Install?

Just as the download is easy and simple, the even installation also does not require much time. All you need is to check out the steps given below;Plant VS zombies apk for Android

  1. Once you are done with Plants VS Zombies download, this is an exact time to locate the downloaded file on your device.
  2. Click on the Plants VS Zombies apk file.
  3. A message will pop up to confirm and tick the Unknown sources.
  4. Follow the tutorial provided on the screen and you will do well.
  5. Once you are done with locating the file, hit the INSTALL button.
  6. Depending upon the internet status, it may take some time to get installed on your device.

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Finally, you can easily open the app and enjoy this challenging game of yours. Defend your house with as many plants that you wanted and let the zombies die. Let’s go deep to its limitless features of developing this app.


Plants VS Zombies game is a very fun-loving challenging game. We have included above all the information about this game. As you are getting all the information before you download the Plants VS Zombies Apk. We hope you will definitely win all the challenges. Make sure you note down all the information about the how to download and install the game. Read the features and understand to make your plants stronger and mightier to defend against brain-eating zombies. Lastly, as this game is freely available for you to download, it offers only some in-app purchases to buy more stuff.

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