Protect Privacy While Surfing Internet

Tips On How To Protect Privacy While Surfing The Internet

Browsing the internet isn’t anything new but facing new problems while browsing the internet every single day is a new thing. So today we will provide you with tips to protect privacy while surfing the internet. As for browsing the internet doesn’t just annoy you with ads and pop up but also malware and virus. And even if you aren’t a regular internet user, your system will require a security system that will protect you from online threats. This is because even when you are visiting some shopping site which seems secure may have malware or hackers who are ready to steal your Credit/debit card info.

Protect Privacy While Surfing

So to avoid such situations from ever happening today I will provide you with different tips to browse through the internet safely. All these tips will be easy to use to if you are new internet user, you can initiate these tips easily. Without further delay let me take you through my list of tips to protect privacy while surfing the internet.

How To Protect Privacy While Surfing Internet?

While surfing the internet you will never feel the need to worry about what site you are opening if you have excellent privacy setting. Moreover, that, if you are new to the internet world, well you will definitely need to follow the tips that we will talk about here. These tips will help you to setup an excellent filter for your PC to protect your from online threats. But if you see anything suspicious with or without these privacy setting, I suggest you to leave such pages alone. So here are the top 7 tips that will help you to be more secure online.

Tips to protect Online Privacy:

Tip # 1: New User Tips:

Don’t just click around any site when you are online. If you are searching for any solution or any particular product or any other thing, only visit sites which are secure. All secure sites are noted by HTTPS rather then HTTP, where S stand for SECURE. And if you find any site which you need to visit then take precaution before you do so.

Protect Privacy by HTTPS

What will help you out basically if you are new to browsing the internet is keeping your OS up to date. Keeping the OS up to date will not only help you run the system smoothly but will offer with new security database updates which also includes Fire Wall upgrade.

Tip # 2: Social Site and Search Tips:

If you are using any social media site like Facebook or IG or Tweeter or Search engine, note that you are using it properly. What I mean by this is, you will be offered with many privacy setting and security settings on such sites, so you should definitely utilize them. For example, don’t set an easy password for your Google or Facebook account just to type in the password quickly but create a hard one to keep yourself safe.

Protect Privacy antivirus

Moreover that, don’t share any monitory information or any other private information on such social media site as people get to target by fake discount ads which leads to hacking of ATM card or bank account. Utilize the Social media and Search engine security setting to avoid facing any privacy issues.

Tip # 3: Connecting Email Ids or Social Media Accounts with Caution:

Many sites, online games, shopping sites etc. offer you to stay updated by connecting your social media site or email ID but little do you know that doing so with any site or game will give chance to hackers or online spammers to send you harmful malware through social media or email. So I suggest you to study the terms and Conditions well before you proceed with connecting any email Id or social media site anywhere online.

Protect Privacy by internet

Reading the terms and Condition will help you better understand up to what extend the site or game will use your information available on your social media or email ID. While all the sites that requests for a link with social media or email, you will have to take care and understand which is safe to use.

Tip # 4: Antivirus & Firewalls:

Different OS runs on different level of security system so whether you are a Windows, iOS, MAC, Ubuntu or Custom OS user, you will defiantly need a 3rd party antivirus to safeguard you from online threats. There are a lot of free as well as paid antivirus and malware protector that you can get for your operating system, so without having a second through simply get an Antivirus or Firewall based protection for your system itself.

Protect Privacy by firewall

Tip # 5: No to Cookies:

Cookies are messages that any site server send to the browser that you are using, this helps the site to better understand how you browse through the site. But this also creates the risk of exposing many vital information on your system. So what should you do? Well, simply block cookies from any site. Go to the Setting option on the browser that you are using, then go to Cookies and press on Disable Cookies.

Protect Privacy by denying cookies

Tip # 6: Private Browsing:

All browsers comes with an option called “INCOGNITO” mode. Utilize this to safe guard any browsing information that you don’t want to save on your PC. This will help you avoid malware from extracting any information related to your account as the browser will not store anything on PC. This is one of the best ways to protect privacy.

Protect Privacy while browsing

Tip # 7: Paying with COD:

Lastly, for those who are into shopping, well try to get product and services with COD (cash on Delivery) option. This will not only help you avoid leaking your card details but you will also have the option of helping you to go through suddenly choosing a better product for less price. You also don’t have to worry about late delivery as you will pay with cash or not take the product at all.

Protect Privacy with COD


So these were the 7 tips that will help you out when you are browsing the internet and you want to protect privacy. These tips will not only help you save your system from malware but will also help you avoid getting your social media account or debit/credit card from being hacked. Hope these tips will be helpful for you, if you are facing any problem while executing any of the tips then let us know and we will help you out.

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