Reasons Why Juno email Doesn’t Work Like Before

Going back into the past, Juno email was one of the best internet service providers.With the growing demand for more and more internet providers, Juno email went on to provide the best service they could but ended up being laggy and over priced compared to other providers.

Started up as a dial up internet service provider, which also included fast web emailing and instant messaging access provider.But in the recent past, their service downgraded and lost a lot of their clients. Why ? Let’s talk about that today.

So this is what we are going to talk today, reasons why Juno email / Juno webmail doesn’t work like before.

History Of Juno Email

Founded by Charles Ardai, Brain Marsh and Clifford Tse in the year May 1996.Under the Equity share provider of D.E Shaw Groups who is a Global Investment management firm.And in August 1996 they launched in the market as a free service provider for emails through installing a client.

Juno Email
The First Email Client From Juno Email

This client would act as a medium for sending and receiving free emails which was of a huge size of 35 kilobytes in size which was a great deal in 1996.And later on in 1998 Juno webmail became a Premium service provider because of their intense success in the market of internet service providers.

Juno email

And in the following years, Juno webmail company kept on growing, and even launching a new offshore center at India in Hyderabad which was well known as the United Online Software Development India Pvt. Ltd. for its helping hand with the development of Indian growing market of Internet and services.

So why did such a huge company ran into the crash and lost a lot of client in the past decade ? Let’s not waste more of our precious time and get down with the few main reasons Why Juno email / Juno webmail doesn’t work like before.

5 Reasons Why  Juno Email / Webmail Failed:

  • Very Slow Webmail

Juno email

The Juno Webmail loading is very very slow compared to many other providers who provide better speed at same or lower prices.With a lot of complaints about this same topic which was faced my many clients of Juno Email.Even after cleaning up the caches & history of the browser the webmail seemed to still load slower.And things went on getting worse with time.And this became the first reason for the downfall of Juno.

  •  Advertisements

Juno email

Advertisements can be annoying but beneficial for the developer as part of the advertisement hosting credit goes to the developers.But with Juno email, the advertisement time is very long which may vary from 1-5 minutes.Which was the complaint about by a lot of clients but was never taken care of by the developers.This created a negative effect on the client and as a result, it lost its precious client and popularity.

  • Annoying Auto Renewal

juno email

This can be the most irritating reasons why many clients left the site & also which created the worst reviews about Juno email.This is actually what happened with many clients who started as a free user and turned to be a premium paid user.And being a premium user they faced a lot of problems and this is where things turned for the worse.Clients who were about to leave couldn’t sign out from the website from online and were charged with yearly auto renewal charges.

  • Login Problem

Juno email


What’s the use of owning a premium version of an emailing site if you can’t even log in to your account right ? Well, this is wanting the clients of Juno email had to face in their everyday login attempts.They would end up being informed that they had entered an incorrect password or email which became a reason for Juno email for losing their best clients.

  • Non-Compatible With Latest Browsers

Juno email Not working

This can be  really shocking as this could be the last thing that a client would need to face when they update their browser.We keep our browsers up to date to allow new bug fix and new features and for a smoother experience.But not with Juno email users.After few of the recent updates in last few years, most of the widely used browsers didn’t support the stone age scripts of the Juno.Which resulted in the downfall of the Juno email as with only a few users used old browsers to keep them connected with Juno email services.

These were the reasons why Juno email failed to survive in the market & also noting that the main reasons were because they didn’t cope up with the growing marketing system.Also, the reason being that they were slow regarding the complaints filed and also towards taking steps to solve them.

Hope this article was helpful and has provided you with the information you needed.For more updates please stay connected.

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