Recover Data After Factory Reset: Android Solution

Factory reset is one such convenient built-in feature we have in most Smartphones. Yet many of us do not know how useful this feature is. Though, this feature helps us to get rid of many unnecessary issues with our most handy device, it also comes with a disadvantage that deletes all data from both internal and external memory. Definitely you will need for a backup plan in order to recover data after factory reset.


When Your Mobile Factory Reset is Required?

I can’t predict the exact reason of why you want to reset your mobile phone factory. However, there are several reasons you may require to reset factory and there as follows-

Malware Infection: These days people are deeply into internet surfing, especially Smartphone users do not spend a day without internet. Eventually, your phone can be corrupted with various malware or viruses that are all over the internet networks looking for targets like personal computers and mobile phones connected to internet.

Now, if your phone unfortunately has been targeted or infected by any of these malware and your anti-virus program isn’t playing its proper rule, you will need to reset mobile factory undeniably. Another most common way your mobile phone gets infected with virus is using multiple SD cards.

Slow Mobile Functioning: Sometimes, your mobile phone gets slow down or hanged due to insufficient RAM or overloaded memory space. Some phones even show this issue due to improper functionality after a long term usage. In this case, you can reset your mobile factory resuming your mobile phone back to its original settings.

In pursuance of getting rid of these mobile phone issues if you decide to reset your phone, you also need to recover data after factory reset so that you won’t lose your important data like Photos, Videos, and SMS conversations.


How to Recover Data After Factory Reset ?

Now, if you intentionally have reset your mobile factory or did it accidentally, to prevent your loss; recover data after factory reset is the first task to be done immediately.

Also, if your any important file is damaged or deleted accidently and want to get it back, you can simply follow this method to recover data after factory reset.

Using Android Data Recovery

Your android device is deigned with built-in feature to reset factory, but there is no way to recover data after factory reset. So, you will need for Android Data Recovery software which can get you back your lost data.


This software has got your back on recovering lost mobile data with its several useful features-

  • The very first this to mention is its incredible feature that can restore all kind of files including media and non-media such as Videos, Music, Photos, SMS and APK as well.
  • The software has the ability to restore lost data from both internal and external memory conveniently.
  • It comes with an easy-to-perform interface. Thus, you can get your job done in ease.
  • This software is wide-range compatible such as Icecream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Gingerbread, Froyo and Lollipop.


As I have mentioned in its feature list, this software offers an user-friendly interface so that you can perform your task easily. Nevertheless, here is the complete instruction to recover data after factory reset using Android Data Recovery software.

1st Step: Firstly, download the software file and install it in your personal computer. After complete installation, using a USB cable connect your android phone to your personal computer and launch the program.

recover data after factory reset

2nd Step: Enable USB connection choosing the proper alternative. Different options are there for different android versions performing this action.


If you are using Android 2.3 or the earlier genre, Go to your “Settings” alternative, and then tap “Applications”. Next, click on the “Development” button followed by selecting “USB Debugging”.

If your android is of 3.0 or newer version, go to “Settings”, select “About Phone” alternative; and then select “Build Number” several times until you get a message that says “You are under Development mode”. Next, get back to your “Settings” alternative; select “Developer Options” followed by clicking on “USB Debugging”.


Thus your Android device will be connected to your computer.


3rd Step: Now, proceed ahead with clicking on “Next” button and the software will start scanning your android device immediately. At this moment, you will need to tap the “Allow” alternative in order to permit the software to recover your phone. Continue the process taping on the “Start” alternative.


Next, choose the file type you want to be restored and press “Nest” button.

file type

Choose the scan option you want to perform, followed by clicking on “Next”.


 4th Step: Wait for a while until the scanning is completely done; and once the scanning is over, a list of recovered files will appear on screen. Here, you can have a glance on the files and proceed to recover them finally by clicking on “Recover” button.

This is it. Once you go through this procedure properly, you will get back all your lost files. This software certainly is one best to prefer in order to recover data after factory reset. So, next time whenever you experience issues of malfunctioning or freezing android mobile device you don’t have hesitate on performing factory reset as you can get all your deleted file right back to your phone easily.

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