Recover deleted files on windows 10

How to Recover Deleted Files and Folders in Windows 10

Have you ever felt that you have deleted your files and folders accidentally? Well, of course, yes right.  Don’t be disheartened it happens with every one of us. Suppose, you have deleted your files then what will you do? Do Scream or find a solution for recovering those deleted files? However, it doesn’t mean that if you accidentally deleted some of your files they will never get recovered, there is a solution for every problem you might have heard it right. There are many reasons why your files or folder gets deleted suddenly from your computer. Well, for instance, it happens when you have some virus in your files or on your computer.

Recover Deleted Files and Folders in Windows 10

Wondering how to recover it? Well, here we have the solutions for your problems. There are so many ways that you can recover your files and folders on your Windows 10. All you need to do is follow the right instructions along with right tools. In fact, you also try out third party application on your computer to recover those deleted files and folders. So, in this content, we will share with you on how to recover deleted files on Windows 10. Let’s get going.

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Note: The methods to recover deleted files on Windows 10, which we will share with you are applicable for all version if Windows 10.

How to Recover Deleted Files and Folders on Windows 10:

If you are wondering how we can recover the deleted files on Windows 10 easily, as you think that once deleted then there is no ways to recover it. Well, this is all your imagination; in reality you can easily recover your files on your hard drive. Yes, it is available on your hard drive unless it is not overwritten. So, let’s get started on few ways to recover all your deleted files.

Find Deleted Files Through Recycle Bin:

In case, you have deleted your files and folders accidentally then you can check the recycle bin on your computer. This is the first thing you need to do, which is obvious even the non-tech person will know it. However, if you have no idea about it then just go directly into the recycle bin and then look for the deleted files, which you have deleted it. Now, if you found the file just have to right click and then tap on the “Restore” in order to recover the deleted file.

Check Cloud Storage:                                       

In case, your important files have stored on cloud based storage then it is good news for you. You must check Cloud storage which includes Google Drive or One Drive; you might find your deleted files there. All you need to do is get access to your storage and search for the important file on the Trash Folder. As you might know when the important files are stored in the cloud then it last for up to 60 days. So, this is a great chance for you to recover your deleted folders on Windows 10 easily. So, start searching for it if you have deleted your files accidentally. All you need to type the file name into the search bar and the rest work will be done by the windows by itself.

Next Step to Recover your Deleted Files:

Well, after deleting files or folders on Windows 10 but until you release that there is no back up for your deleted files. What will you do then? Well, no worries there is always a way and we have found the solution for it. Let’s move on recovering the files and folder by using this amazing recovery tool call Recuva. Recuva is the third party application which is available on the internet. This is the right tool for recovering your deleted files and folder easily. It is simple but yet powerful recovery tool for you.

Points to Remember:

  1. If you want to recover your deleted files on wiWindows0 then first of all shutdown your PC.
  2. If you download the tool on your PC then there is a chance of being overwritten. But don’t just directly download the tool; you must first download the Recuva Portable version on your external drive in order to recover your files and folder.
  3. Now, download Recuva Portable version on another PC and later transfer it to your external drive either CD Drive or USB Flash drive.

recover deleted files in windows 10

So, now directly connect it to your external drive into your PC and then launch the Recuva Portable version. There you will find Recuva wizard which will help you to the whole recovery thing. All you need to do is click on the next button and directly start with the process.

steps to recover deleted files in windows 10

Next thing, you need to select the file type that will help you find your file type easier and in a faster way. In order to find the file type, you need to select the file category or you even can choose “All files” too.

recover deleted filesin windows 10

Now, once you have selected the file type, you will be asked to choose the right location where you have deleted the file. Or else you even can choose either Document, Recycle Bin or much more. In case, if you find it difficult to recollect the location of the deleted file the tap on the “I’m not sure” and hit the Next Button.

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Windows 10 recovery software

After that, you will see an option which says “Enable Deep Scan” then now start scanning it. In case, if the quick scan is not fully functioning then we recommend you to use “Deep Scan”. However, it might take lots of time, so the best way to make it easier for you is to choose quick scan but without the need of enabling the deep scan and then hit the start button.

recover deleted files and folder in windows 10

Wait for a few minutes; it might take some time to complete the quick scan. Once the scan is complete you will find all the recovered files on your PC.

Final Verdict:

In this content, we have shared with you about how to recover deleted files and folders on Windows 10. All these steps are easy to understand and you can easily recover your important files. However, even though Recuva is the perfect recovery tool for you that will help you to use your recover files on Windows 10 again. But we suggest you to always keep backup for all your files so that you never get to depend upon the recovery tool in future. As recovering data basically depend on your luck. So, hope it has helped you by reading this content if you have more solutions then do write to us.

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