Sony WH-XB700 Bluetooth Headset with Mic (Blue, Over the Ear)


Real Price: 8,990/-


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Product Description:

Sony has launched WH-XB700 Bluetooth headset with integrated Mic for calling and listening to music. This is a complete wireless Headset which is available in two colors, i.e., Blue and Black. The type of this headset is over the ear, and you will feel very comfortable while you are using it in indoor and outdoor purpose too due to its soft cushioning.

The headset is having the deep bass feature that gives you a crystal-clear sound for 3D gaming and listening HD audio as well. Overall the build quality of Sony WH-XB700 headset is very much good and the weight is very much light while you wear it over your head. You can connect this Sony WH-XB700 device to the smartphone, laptop, smart TV, iPad, iPod, and other Bluetooth enabled devices too.

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