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Teemo Counter – How to Counter Teemo: Tips & Tricks

This post is about Teemo Counter and Counter tips and tricks to beat Teemo in the league of legends game. League of Legends is the most popular multiplayer battle game and most popular in almost all part of the country especially in North America and Asia. Teemo is one of the champions in the League of Legends game who loves to play and doing fun in the game. If you want to beat Teemo, then you need a Teemo Counter who plays well against Teemo and has the ability to beat him down.

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Here comes our champion – Teemo.

Teemo Counter


League of Legends is the most popular multiplayer PC game developed and produced by the famous ‘Riot Games’. If you’re a LOL player, you have to manage the champions in the battle to defeat your enemy. Each champion in the game has some special ability as well as strength and weakness. So, as a ‘Summoner’ who has the main job to control all the champs, you should know all the details of your picked up champion. Teemo Counter are the counter specialist champs which you need to pick in the battle.

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Here, are all the details of Teemo that you need to know before counter him in the battle arena and becoming a Teemo Counter.

Teemo – A swift Scout | League of Legends

Teemo is the fast and furious champion in the League of Legends and most popular too. He plays as a counter champion to many other champs like Teemo is a Darius counter, Garen counter etc. He is a fun loving champ and just loves to play. Teemo’s passive ability makes him a perfect ninja champion.

Teemo is a mobile attacker. Because of his long range and fast in attack he can easily build his attack to the enemy and give a lot of damage to them. So, as a Teemo counter, whoever champion you pick, you need to be careful about his strength, weakness and abilities.


Strength of Teemo:

  • In the levels 1-5, Teemo is a lane mobster. So, particularly in that time, Teemo is the one with a great power.
  • Because of his Move Quick ability, he is incredibly fast.
  • Teemo’s mushroom acts as a defensive wall and it’s not an easy task to gank him.
  • In LOL, Teemo can be seen with different skins and that makes him unique.


  • The auto attack range of Teemo is short as well as the casting.
  • When it comes to the team fight, Teemo is not the suitable champion.
  • Teemo’s short attack range and squishy in nature makes him vincible.

Abilities of Teemo:

  • Camouflage:  It’s the great ability of Teemo and a passive strength. When stand still without doing any action for a little duration, he becomes little stealthed . But, after that period he incredibly increases his attack speed about 40% for the three seconds.
  • Blinding Dart (Q): This is the ability of Teemo in which Teemo blind the taget with a magical damage.
  • Move Quick (W): Here, Teemo increases his movement speed by 10-26% and can give a massive damage to the enemy.
  • Toxic Shot (E): Teemo can poisons his target which deals a damage of 10-50% to the enemy.
  • Ultimate (R): It’s the greatest ability of Teemo. He used a mashroom in to a trap that can detonate the enemy when they step on it. I t may bring a lot of damage to the enemy and can slow down the movement speed by 30-50%.

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Teemo Counter:

Pick the champions who plays exceptionally well against Teemo. Here are the few champions who are the perfect Teemo Counter.



Yorick is the grave digger and a tough champion against Teemo. Pick him in the League of Legends to give a counter attack to Teemo.



Akali is a magical assassin with a ninja style. She is a mobile attacker. She has the most deadliest kit in the LOL. So, you can pick her also to count Teemo. She is a great Teemo Counter.



Kennen is the ninja player who has some special ability and you can use these to beat Teemo.



Pantheon is a versatile attacker and can play on the top lane. He is really strong in the level 1-5. So, he can be on of the best Teemo Counter.

How to Counter Teemo – Tips:

  • If you have a auto attacking champion, then avoid to fight with Teemo.
  • Against the gap closers, Teemo is really weak. His Move Quick ability will go on a cool down for long time.
  • Teemo is expert to tackle the gank with his mashroom. So, consider to use red trinket against him.
  • If Teemo gets the first blood during a battle, then surrender unless satan will dominates your game.
  • Use active twin shadow to find Teemo, if you unable to find.
  • For a melee champion, let Teemo to use his blind ability first before you engaged to him.
  • Use dubstep ignite to slow him down as he has low hp.

These are the possible counter tips that you can use while countering Teemo in LOL. Teemo is really an intelligent champ, so you have to play cautiously as a Teemo Counter. Now you know all the strength, weakness and abilities of Teemo. Just go and get Teemo and become a Teemo Counter.

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