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*New*10 Best Android Launchers 2015 | Best Launcher For Android

Best Android Launcher; Best Free Launcher For Android; Fastest Android Launcher: Now if you are searching for all the terms above then you have come to the right place as here is this article we will provide you with the Top 10 Best Android Launchers 2015 both free and paid.

samsung s6

Now Android Launcher has been quite a search term in the recent times as most of the people are in search of the best launchers for Android 2015 for Android Phones and Tablets. Now this Android Launcher can change the whole scenario of how you feel about your Android device it can make your device run faster, it can make your android phone and tablet look more stylish, it can make the navigation of your Android device more easier so on a whole this Android Launcher App can change the way you feel about your Android Device.

But now how many of the Android Launcher App do you know about? As most of us would be using the default Android Launchers that we got when we purchased our Android Phones and Tablets even i did this for some point of the time. But changing my old default Android launcher with the new best Android Launcher was the best thing i did as it boosted the performance of my Android device, made the navigation in my Android device easier, made battery life of my Android device last longer and many more.

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Now here we take a look at the top 10 best Android Launcher 2015 that you can download of your Android Device to make it more awesome then it was at the time when it was brand new.

Top 10 Best Launcher for Android Tablets and Smartphones:

1. Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher developed by Apex Inc is an free Android Launcher and one of the best in the business as it offers a lots of features for customization with your Android Tablet and Phones. It allows the users to change the grid size and home screen icons and on top of that it also has many other features that will turn your Device to a real smart device.

apex launcher

You can download Apex Android launcher for free of cost but if you want a pro version of the launcher then you will need to pay a minimal fee of 4.49$.    

2. Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher developed by TeslaCoil Software is another Android Launcher that you must try out on your Android tablets and phones. Now Nova Launcher is one of my personal favorite because it is quite simple and user friendly yet it is real powerful in its performance and it offers all the features that one of the best Android launcher should have on them.

Nova launcher

Now apart from all the features of customization that Nova Launcher offers for its users it also has thousands of themes and icons, customize application drawer, infinite scrolling and many more and the best thing is that all this features come for free of cost.

3. Go Launcher Ex:

Go Launcher Ex developed by Go Launcher Dev Team is another Android Launcher that you must try out on your Android Phone and Tablet. It offers a lots of customization to its users and also it offers the features like fully customize grid, flat set icons, easy to use transition.

go now launcher

Now this Android Launcher has become one of most commonly used Android Launcher of 2015 used my most of the Android user in 2015 and to be precise it comes for free of cost.

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4. Google Now Launcher:

Now Google Now Launcher developed by Google Inc is another Android Launcher that you should try out if it supports on your device as this Android Launcher are seen supporting on only selected Android phones and tablets as if does on your Android deice then you must give it a try as it will give a similar look & feel like devices from Google – The Nexus devices.

google now launcher

And it certainly will give your device a new feel and look to whom i am certain that you are going to fall in love and it also comes free of cost.

5. Launcher 8 Free:

win 8

Launcher 8 Free developed by Xinyi Network and as the name suggest it comes free of cost. Now I have included this Launcher among the best Android Launchers 2015 because we all know that at some point of the time we want to experience Windows 8 on our Android tablets and phone and this is when Launcher 8 comes into play as it allows you to turn your Android device into a Windows 8 with lots of other added features of customization.

6. Smart Launcher 3: 

smart launcher

Smart Launcher 3 developed by GinLemon is another Android Launcher which is certainly one of the best Android launchers. One of the best feature about this Android launcher is that it creates rings of most commonly used apps which saves a lot of our time and this android launcher has a lots of other features to follow it up using which you can turn your old android device to a whole new Android phone and tablets.

7. Everything Me Launcher:

everything Me Launcher

Everything Me Launcher developed by Everything Me is another free Android Launcher that you can use on your Android Phone and Tablets with the simple concept of “Everything you need at a single click away”. As it keeps all the major apps that you use at a single click away and it will categories the apps which makes the home screen look more clear and user friendly. And you can download this best Everything Me Launcher for free.

8. Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite:

Next Launcher 3D Shell

Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite is another Launcher app developed by Go Launcher Dev Team and this Android launcher is different from any of the other Android Launchers as it will show all the apps of your Android phone and tablets in 3D format which make the user interface quite attractive and stunning with all the apps in 3D format.

And you can get this high performance Android Launcher for free of cost.

9. Action Launcher 3:

action launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 developed by Chris Lacy is one of the best Android Launcher of 2015 which has created quite a buzz around with some of the standout features and tools which will give your android phone and tablet a new feel and features to your Android tablets and phone without having to pay any bucks.

10. Buzz Launcher: 

buzz launcher

Buzz Launcher developed by Buzz Launcher Team is another Android Launcher that has been rated as one of the best Android Launcher app of 2015. Now f you are bored with your regular interface and launcher of your Android phone and tablet then this is the Android Launcher that you must give it a try as it contains millions of themes and other customization that you can use on your Android Phone and Tablets.

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So the above are the Top 10 Best Android Launcher 2015 and if you have any other Android Launcher that you are using on your Android device then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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