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Top 10 Dota 2 Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Defense of the Ancients 2 aka DotA 2 is one of the most played multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game since its release. Developed and published by Valve Corporation, DotA has over a million concurrent players at its peak. DotA has more than 10 million monthly users. DotA also holds tournaments and is considered one of the biggest and popular online e-sports. One of the most interesting things about DotA is you don’t need to pay to play DotA, it’s a free game which first reached the public at Gamescom in 2011.

dota 2
As there are Tournaments there are prizes, Premium DotA 2 tournaments have prize pools of millions of U.S. dollars. The largest payout of a DotA 2 tournament was almost around $2 million dollars for the 2014 World Championships. DotA 2 is the highest paid e-sport in the world, offering a good fortune to its players. So, to participate in the tournament and win a big amount of cash it’s better to be aware of some tricks and tips. We are going to provide Top 10 DotA 2 Tips and Tricks in this article below to help you become a better player.

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Here are some DotA 2 tips and tricks which will improve your skills –

Trick 1: Surprise Heal

Bottle, Mana Bottles, Healing Salve cannot dispel on magical damage which is less than 20. So, when you are Pudge and using rot till level 3, you can always use a bottle or healing salve. Also, when you are being chased by a Pudge with rot on in early game healing salve, bottles etc can be used. One important thing you have to remember that for Pudge, it works only till level 3 rot. The same thing can be done for early levels of Poison Dagger, Maledict, Poison Gale etc. With a little experience, you can find some other spells too.


Trick 2: Bonus Regen

If you TP somewhere from your Fountain, you will have fountain regeneration buff that lasts for 3 seconds and if you are in possession of a bottle and use its charges in under 3 sec, then it will automatically refill. Put your empty bottle in an ally TPing’s inventory if you see one near you.; it will be filled in an instant. You can use also use the charges on nearby allies. If you allow an ally to collect the rune and use it and give your bottle back, you can pass the rune.

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Trick 3: Demand and Supply

If you purchase something and give it back under 10 seconds then DotA 2 will give you a full refund. So next time you need to heal yourself no need to go back to base, ask for tangos or courier usage; just buy a buy a ring of health from a side shop which costs Cost 325 gold and sells it after 9 seconds. You will heal yourself and not a single dime will be spent.


Trick 4: Toggle and Piss

In the initial farming phase, Basilius / Aquila micromanagement can be very helpful to mid heroes. During normal or last hits of the enemy, if you toggle the ring of Basilius on/off, it will make him miss most of his attempts to last hit. Not only it will throw him off of his game but also piss him off. Basilius or Aquila ring gives 2 armors once switched on. It means +10.7 % physical damage reduction for a ranged creep.


Trick 5: Keep An Ear Open

Invisible hero detection is a big pain in the a**. But there is a way which will save the golds that you spend on gems, sentries, dust etc. When an invisible hero is nearby, some heroes will utter some specific lines. For example, Ursa will say, “Enemy is here.” If you focus, concentrate and remember then you will be warned.

Trick 6: Time Tracking

Keeping a track of exact time is a very important strategy but it is hard to do so. To keep a track of time, click on the clock in the top bar. Later check your chat to guess how much time has passed. For example, suppose you killed a Roshan, now immediately note it down. Later on, check your chat and calculate if 8 minutes have passed or not. This way you will have an idea of its re-spawn time.


Trick 7: Sway the Attack

This trick is pretty well known and popular. By right-clicking your creeps, allies or your illusions, you can change the attack direction of your target. It allows you to redirect tower’s attack towards the unit and allow you to dive & kill. It can allow you get a break in climax moments or in health critical moments.

Trick 8: The Moving Man

TPs or Town Portal Scrolls are a game changer. After landing phase always keeps a TP. It is that time when game shifts into tower takedowns, mass rotations and ganks.

moving man

Trick 9: Think Dirty

If you backdoor Tier 1 tower it does regenerate. So whenever you have a chance take a smoke and backdoor Tier 1.

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Trick 10: Diffusal Blade Magic

Except burning mana and sometimes slowing purpose there are more usages of a Diffusal blade. You can purge debuffs like dust, hex, silence etc using the blade on your own hero or ally. You can also use remove enemy’s buffs like Omni’s repel shield, Omni’s guardian angel and others.


The above mentioned are top 10 DotA 2 tips and tricks that will help you to be a better player and hold an advantage with the knowledge you gained. Except these, there are lots of tricks in the market that are equally good and give you an advantage over your opponent. If you know some tricks and want to share your knowledge with us then comment below in the box.

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