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Top 10 Best Root Apps for Android 2017 – Must Have Apps List!

Android smartphones have become one of the most popular things in this modern era and everyone tends to own an Android Phone people generally prefer Android devices because it comes in large variety from which its customers can choose from and another main reason is Smartphone’s running on Android Operating System tend to offer more customizable features than any other Operating System. But do you know Android rooting is another main reason why people love to use Android phones? If you also have a rooted Android smartphone then today I am going to share the list of Top 10 Best Root apps for Android 2017 which you can download and use.

best Root apps

As Android is of Open Source Software which will enable its users to modify the file system of the Android. But most of the Smartphone company does not provide rooted devices and the companies do not recommend rooting your Android device and in doing so it will ultimately void your companies warranty and so if you are rooting your Android device then you have to do it at your own risk.

On the other hand rooting Android device will ensure more control over your smartphone and you will be able to customize your device to your wish. And if you have already rooted your Android device to use the full power and functions of rooting your Android device you will need some of the best apps for rooted Android phone but first of all, let us take a look at little basic about Rooting.

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What Is Android Rooting?

Rooting is a process that allows the user of the Smartphone, Tablets or any other Android devices to attain the privileged control to its user generally known as root access it is generally compared to Jailbreaking of iOS devices and Administrative access on Linux. And some of the major advantages of rooting your Android phone are full control over CPU, full application control, ability to install custom firmware and much more. And to take full advantage of Rooting on your Android device you will need to install some special application that will let you get most out of your rooted Android Phone. So here we will give you a list of Top 10 best apps for rooted Android phones.

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Best Root Apps For Android 2017 (Updated List)

Here is the list of the Best Root Apps that you must download in 2017 if you have a rooted Android phone with you and this will help you squeeze the most out of your rooted Android Phone.

  1. Super SU:

apps for rooted android phone

Super SU can be certainly regarded as an alternative to Superuser on your Rooted Android device and this is one of the first apps that you should get if you have rooted your Android device. Super SU helps you to keep track of your apps which you have granted root permission and this can save you a lots of your time as you will not need to grant them root access every time you open the application and you can see the logs of applications that have been granted root access and you can even upgrade this app to Paid version which will offer you many extra facilities like PIN Lock and many more.

  1. Link2SD:

best root apps 2017

Link2SD is one of the best app for rooted Android phones that I would love you to have on your rooted Android device as it gives a unique facility to its users generally Link2SD allows its user especially with small internal storage capacity to share the data of its installed apps to another storage which will have more amount of storage capacity.

  1. Greenify:

best app for rooted android

Greenify is another app that I will recommend to every user with rooted Android device as this root app is a simple and effective way to increase the battery life of your rooted Android Smartphone as Greenify generally puts the all your useless background apps to hibernate state while running others apps like Facebook or Whatsapp regularly and this could actually save a huge amount of your battery life from your Rooted Android device.

  1. ROM Manager:

top rooted apps for Android

One of the main reason we root our Android device id to install Custom ROM than ROM Manager must have root apps for Android and it is a great app and this app allows you to download flash new ROMs and new versions of Android right from this app and you will not have to spend your time searching the files to download on the internet.

  1. Root Explorer:

top rated root app

Root Explorer is another Premium app for file manager and it is a must have and one of the best app for rooted Android users. Root Explorer allows its users to have its all access on Android files which includes the Dropbox, Google Drive, Text Editor and much more and you can create and extract Zip files, bookmarks, SQLight Database viewer which you can also send it through Bluetooth or your Email.

  1. Triskter Mod:

must have root apps

There are many apps that work just like a Trisker Mod that is speeding up your rooted Android device but this app is generally at a different level that can boost the speed of your rooted Android device so it is one of the best root apps for Android ever created.

  1. Root Firewall Pro:

android rooting apps

Root Firewall Pro app is another best root app for Android device and this allows you to control the bandwidth consumption as by using this app you will be able to manually block using internet connections and you can even specify the Network the application will use and also it offers many added features like ad blocking and many more.

  1. CPU Tuner:

best root app

CPU Tuner is another must have app for your rooted Android device as this can working on saving a huge amount of battery life of your rooted Android phone. As your Smartphone are generally consuming a huge amount of battery life and you will just need to download CPU Tuner app on your Android device.

  1. System App Remover:

free root apps

Removing the system app can be the major reason due to which you have rooted your Android device as there are many bloatware and pre-install app on your Android device which you cannot delete it. Some of the extra features of using rooted Android device are you can uninstalling multiple apps, automatically backup and much more.

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  1. Titanium Backup Root:

android rooting apps

This is the last but not the least application that you could use on your rooted device Titanium Backup many features is like you can backup and restore all the data are on your rooted Android device and on top of that this app has many added features mainly like restore apps data, freeze, backup and many more.

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And the above apps are the top and the 10 best rooted Android apps so that you will get a power pack performance from your rooted Android device. So I hope you have got all the best root apps for Android device. I hope we have helped you in some way to pick up the best apps for your rooted Android from the list and please tell us about any new app that you use in the comments section.

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