Top 10 weird websites in the internet

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The Internet is a very big platform where you can find many pieces of information. There are many millions of website where there are many pieces of information about studies, health, technology etc. You can get many useful pieces of information from the internet. Now there are some unwanted sites that exist on the internet in this era and these sites are of no use. So I came up with the list of some top 10 weird websites that are live on the internet even today.

Once you see this site I’m sure you will never like to visit that site for once more time, because there is no important news or any important information on this site. Today I’m going to tell you about those sites which really look weird both in their name and the information they give. May the owner of the site have made it for unique purpose or for entertainment purpose. Let it be anything this is the top 10 weird websites on the internet.

Let’s have a look at the list of top 10 weird websites on the internet.

Top 10 weird websites:

1. This site is the weirdest site that exists on the internet. The site name itself is very funny, you can see this site on the internet. A site owner is a white person who says his self that he looks alike with Barack Obama who is a president of USA and he is black. I guess this site is for entertainment but this is one of the weirdest sites which is live on the internet until today.

top 10 weird websites

2. This site is still live because this site is used in such situation when. You are frustrated at your job and you want to shout out loud but you can’t! because if you do shout you will get fired out of your office. So if you are stuck in this type of situation just visit and just put your headphones on and click on the blue button as much as you want. So isn’t this one a weird site on the internet?

top 10 weird websites

3. This site is made for those people who likes viewing airplanes. This site is a unique site for us, here you can view live plane route it’s speed, altitude, longitude etc. This site is awesome but this is also counted as a weird site because this is unique and a very easy site to view air traffic routine.

top 10 weird websites

4. Hahaha Just want to laugh out loud after listening about this site. This site is especially meant for those who love zombies, this is a best dating site for zombies. You can also chat with zombies, this also like social media sites for zombies and zombie lovers. Isn’t this a weird site on the internet? and this why this site comes in top 10 weird websites on the internet.

top 10 weird websites

5. This is site is nothing but it tell us about the alien products and how is people being used by aliens. This site is not that serious in giving information about the incident, the information given here may be fake. This is unknown fact but this is a very weird site that is live on the internet.

top 10 weird websites

6. This site is not that weird but this is very much unique. This site is to shock and freak out its readers, in a whole this site is for those people who love to hear some freaking stories in front of the bonfire from elder people. In this site, you will find a lot of freaking stories around, one of the scary sites on the internet.

top 10 weird websites

7. This site gives information about future now and then. Everyone loves to know something interesting about the future how will be humans in the future and how will be the nature in the future. So this site is unique in giving information of future now and then, this is a kind of unique site.

top 10 weird websites

8. This is the very funny site which contains only one word in the whole site page. The name of the site itself is weird! This site simply helps you know is it’s Christmas today if yes then it will appear yes and if not then it will show you no. One of the weirdest sites ever.

top 10 weird websites

9. Can’t even think that this type website could ever exsit in the world of internet. Hahaha just want to laugh out loud of shy, there is nothing interesting on this site. There is only one cartton who sings in the whole site and this is the only thing that site does. One of the weirdest site ever made by a human.

top 10 weird websites

10. One of the weirdest site I have ever seen in my entire life. Here there is nothing to understand other than there are numbers of blue balls which keep on moving on a given track which is really very confusing. You will also won’t be able to tell about where the blue balls end at last. You can say this site is made for confusing the viewers.

top 10 weird websites


This are the top 10 weird websites present in the internet till today, some of the site mentions above is not in elected maner or rating manner but it’s all on my personal views. This site is something which will cause you laugh after viewing the sites. Some sites are just ment for fun but that fun turns in to weird thing later on, I just think on my own how does this site still remain alive in this internet world, even if there are many good sites. So this is all for today , don’t forget to share your views in the comment box below. For some more interesting article stay visiting our site regularly.

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