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Top 3D Video Players: PC/MAC Free Download

You must be a cinema freak, or an admirer of entertainment. That’s the personality which brought you here in this page. And guess what, we might belong to the same DNA chain my friend. And this post about top 3D video players is a welcome gift for you. Well, let me share some of my experience about 3D with you before going to list out top 3D Video players.


When I watched a 3D movie in cinema for the very first time, I was very thankful to Technology. It was a whole new experience to me and was mind blowing. Over the time, 3D movies are no more bounded within cinema halls. Today, three-dimensional movies or videos are everywhere. And this is off-season Christmas baby!

Why 3D player for PC or MAC?

3D movies come in movie theatres but it depends on box-office for how many days a particular movie will be showcased on theatre. Though, you won’t like to watch the same movie in theatre over again, neither you can manage to watch all the 3D movies shown in theatres. There are some movies of your taste that you want to watch over again, or once at least.

Now, if you skipped any of your favorite you could regret for it. While, there are many branded 3D TVs available in market today; but most of them are likely to suck up your pocket pretty well. So, it is far better if you can have the same 3D experience on your personal computers. You don’t spend so much on this and you can keep a good collection of 3D movies in your PC or MAC.

top 3D Video players

A good 3D player is the most important thing you must have if you want to have the fun of 3D movie experience sitting at home.


Top 3D Video Players

While you can watch any of your favourite movies or videos sitting back at home during spare times, why to regret about skipped theatre shows? I have gathered top 3D Video players for you guys, so that you can have fun whenever you want. The best part, these 3D players are absolutely free of cost and compatible in both Windows and MAC. Check these out.


Bino- Free 3D Video Player:


One of the must have 3D video players currently is Bino player. The player lets you experience a professional 3D movie-play. It supports a pretty wide range of formats like stereoscopic 3D video and multi-display video. It is absolutely free to download and works perfectly on both Windows and MAC.


5KPlayer- Easy to Play:


The most important thing I have to talk about this 3D player software is its easy-to-use interface. Currently, millions of users have voted 5KPlayers as the best 3D video player, and the player is really worth it. If you are using Netflix, you can save any 3D movie or video from Netflix and play it later with this player. You can also download movies of various resolutions from HD to MP4.

3D Video Player+ Converter:


Well, there are 3D player softwares which play 3D file for you. What if you don’t even need any 3D movie file to watch it in 3D effect? Yes, it sounds amazing and this 3D Video Player has this unique built-in feature. Using this player you can watch any video of FLV format such as movies, family videos and music videos in 3D effect. You can have its trial version for free which is just enough. But if you want the full version, it will cost you about $9.95 bucks, only.

KM Player:


The player is well familiar among PC users for its well functional interface. There is a button just at the bottom left corner of player-window which triggers anaglyph effect on your 2D video. Put on the 3D glasses and just have the fun. Isn’t it quite simple?

VLC Player:


VLC player is also one of the most convenient video players we have today. The player is mostly used for 2D video-play, but it has a built-in feature to play 3D videos as well. The popular video player does not come with an easy-to-trigger 3D mode; however you can easily enable the 3D mode through few simple steps.


Feeding you more, there are many 3D video converters available which are free to download. These converters can convert any 2D video to 3D. Also, there are many android 3D video player apps. Now you can watch 3D movies with your Smartphone even under the blanket. Sounds so much fun?

Now you have the list of top 3D video players in your hand. Just go ahead with any of your choice. And for the best 3D experience on your personal computer, buy a pair of good 3D glasses. If you are wondering where to download 3D movies or video files, you can get them from torrents. a list of best torrent downloading sites are here.


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