Top 5 Similar Games Like Clash of Clans for PC and Android

Hello, guys !! I hope you all are doing quite well and now in this article, i bring you the top 5 games similar to clash of clans that you can play on your PC or Android Device.

Now for some of you might be having a question on why to search for any of the alternative online games like Clash of Clans as we all know that Clash of Clans is going as rock solid and presently it is the most popular strategy game of all the other games like Clash of Clans.


As Clash of Clans is enormously addictive to its players where you can take part in a war using your Army that you can train such as Barbs, Archers, Goblins, Balloons, Dragon, Pekka, Minnons and many more. This game also lets you take part in clan wars  and it is certainly one of its kind and with my personally experience it is far more Awesome than any other strategy game presently in the Market. But the problem is that we all feel bored after some point of the time and we starts to search for alternative and online games like clash of clans for PC and Android. Now as the upgrades of Clash of Clans take huge amount to time being we generally feel bore with that particular single game.

And if the games similar to CoC are only available for Android Platform then you can use Android Emulator like BlueStacks to enjoy all this games on your PC.

Now here are some of the games like Clash of Clan Online that you can play on your Android Phone and PC. And if you are too in love with CoC and you don’t want to leave your Clash of Clans village for a bit even then you can just check out the list of games and apps like Clash of Clans for PC and Android as there certainly no harm into it.

Top 5 Online Games Like Clash of Clan for PC and Android:

So here we will have a countdown on the top 5 online games like Clash of Clans so that you can play some other online games similar to CoC when you are bored of playing Clash of Clans most propably due to the upgrading that it takes.

5. Shadow Kings:

Shadow Kings found its way to the fifth position of our countdown of top 5 similar games to CoC because being quite new to the Google Play Store as compare to other games it has picked up quite a lot a player and when i say a lot means a lot. Now Shadow Kings was generally only available for iOS users but recently it was also made available for Android Users.

games like coc

Now talking about this game it Shadow Kings is quite a well crafted game with awesome graphics that will be certainly enjoyed by all the gamers and the developer of Shadow Kings has earn Top Developer Badge which certainly gives us a blink of its potential.

4. Boom Beach:

Boom Beach is another strategy Game from the makers of Clash of Clans Supercell which certainly makes it quite interesting and on one hand it is the same strategy game like CoC yet it gives a whole new experience for the players and it is one of the must try games like CoC.


And it has got quite a lot of positive reviews from its users and now talking about this game you can lead your Army’s to explore and win new island.

3. Empire Four Kingdom:

Empire Four Kingdom is another strategy game like Clash of Clans from the makers of Shadow Kings which deals with Kings and its Kingdoms with different story from the Shadow Kingdoms but with the basic Strategy concept.


Now talking about this game it offers a rich game play experience for its user and due to which it already has a millions of players around the globe and another good thing is that it is absolutly free for download.

2. Clash of Kings:

Clash of Kings is another similar game to Clash of Clan that i would totally recommend you to try out if you are searching for an alternative to Clash of Clans. And Clash of Kings offers an Awesome graphics and Sound quality which gives a quality user experience for all its users.


And Clash of Kings is where you will have to Clash with different Kingdoms where you are the King and you will need to Attack the enemy Kingdoms and defend your Kingdom from the attacks of the enemy.

1. Castle Clash:

Castle Clash tops the list on the Top 5 games like Clash of Clans because Castle Clash not only offers a similar game play experience for its users but it also gives a unique features in the game. It has more than 30 million plus users around the globe presently and it can be rightfully regarded as the First contender to compete with Clash of Clans.


And now talking about this game here you can build your base and your troops with powerful army which you can use to take part in exciting battles.

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Extra For You:

Some of the other similar games to Clash of Clans that you can try out now are

  1. Jungle Heat.
  2. Clan War HD.
  3. Clash of Lords 2.
  4. Battle Beach.
  5. Total Conquest.

So the above games are the top 5 games like Clash of Clans for PC and Android that you can start playing and become addictive to it.

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