Top 7 Grammar Error Free Checker Tools

Grammar is the base of English language but many people face various problems and grammatical errors while writing and this can be very easily solved by various grammar checker tools which are easily available today. Therefore, to attain best results you have to be very specific about writing skills.

Usually, grammar is a problem for those who use English as their second language. On the other hand various good English speakers also got stuck with these types of errors while writing. So, to solve this problem there are various free tools easily available for you by which you can avoid these errors.


Various grammar checker tools not only check or correct your grammar but also polish your writing skills. While using these tools you can easily learn more about formation of sentences. Therefore, here is a list of some of the best grammar checker tools that are free to use.

1. Hemingway 

This is one of the best grammar checker tools easily available online and even free to use. It provides some extra features of checking your grammar and spellings and by this tool you can easily keep a check on your words, letters, paragraphs and sentences. Therefore, it is very easy to use as you just go to this tool and paste your text and it will instantly show you results.

2. After The Deadline

This is another commonly used tool for checking various grammar errors and helps in polishing your writing skills. This tool has superb features which can even trace your minor errors. It not only checks your grammatical errors but will also offer you suggestions to make your work better. So, you can easily trust this tool as it’s very easy to use and even very fast at catching errors.

3. Ginger Grammar Checker

This is another unique grammar checker tool to enhance your writing skills. This tool has a feature called rephraser which will help you to write the same sentence with different words which will further make your sentence more attractive to read. It also has various features which help in translation of any paragraph or sentence in 40 different languages and on the other hand it always gives you accurate results.

4. Whitesmoke

This is a must have tool for everyone those who have bad command over English grammar. It also offers variety of solutions which help in rectifying your grammatical errors. Therefore, it not only checks your punctuation errors but simultaneously gives you various suggestions to improve your writing skills. Further, it also has many in built templates which make your writing much easier.

5. Grammarly

This is the best and most widely used tool out of all mentioned in this article. With this superfast tool you can easily check your content or text on all sites you visit. It is the most reliable tool in the market of grammar checker tools which easily scan your content for errors from the very first word as your start writing. This tool also offers to various suggestions while writing and further gives you options to choose the type of content you want to write.

6. Paper Rater

This grammar checker tool also has a unique feature of checking plagiarism in your content. This is an additional feature that while checking grammar it also provides checker for content uniqueness also. Further it has ability to check your vocabulary mistakes and also has a unique feature of grade which helps you to check your content quality with various educational level grades such as from first to twelfth, graduate, post graduate and many more.

7. Spelling Check Online

Last but not the least is this excellent tool which also helps in writing error free content. This tool helps in avoiding very common mistakes and keeps a strict check on where to use what type of words. It is also used for checking spellings and various typo errors.  So, this is a double checker tool as in it on the one hand checks spellings and on the other it corrects your grammatical errors.

So, these are some of best grammar error free checker tools to solve your grammatical errors easily and with almost no time consumption. Now it depends on your needs to choose the one from the above list.

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