eternalrock vs wannacry ransomware

WannaCry Virus Vs EternalRock: Case Study on Windows Attack with statistics

WannaCry Virus Vs EternalRock: do you know which one is much worse?

Well, let us make everything clear by comparing in both the cases. If you are wondering you have updated all your windows security system and thinks that you are safe from WannaCry.

wannacry virus vs eternalrock

But you are wrong! at some points, if not WannaCry then you will sure be attacked by EternalRock.

EternalRock is also the new type of Ransomware which was noticed a few weeks earlier and they are considered to be even worse than WannaCry Ransomware. Whereas first WannaCry attack was noticed on 12th May 2017.

Many computers have been affected by WannaCry throughout the world so far. But there is still no case have been observed that EternatRock has affected.

So here below we will discuss some of the Case Study on Windows Attack done by WannCry Vs EternalRock.

WannaCry Virus Vs EternalRock: Case Study on Windows Attack with statistics

1. How does WanaCry spread?

WanaCry- WannaCry or WannaCrypt usually spreads first by attacking upon unsecured SMB. Whenever the Ransomware sense a vulnerability windows PC, it will attack and encrypt all the computer system. This case is mostly seen with the users who were using unpatched Windows 7 or below. Most of the case is observed with the Windows XP users. Once WanaCry infects, it will keep on spreading over other internal network and continuously infects to those who have not upgraded their SMB.

EternalRock- EternalRock also in the same way can infect if you are still using the old windows version which is unpatched. And especially with the SMB issue, currently source said that all the SMB system are being scanned and once the old SMB is detected, it will be upgraded.

2. Using killswitch, does it Works?

WannaCry- Killswitch is normally present in all the windows user. They are normally a special domain which blocks the WannaCry and once they reach to the Killswitch it terminates rather than allowing to encrypt your files. Many other malware has been successfully terminated and stop with the help of Killswitch, so it is indeed a good source to prevent being attacked by WannaCry.

EternalRock- Well, EternalRock is worse than WannaCry as they are not effective even though the Killswitch is enabled.

3. Why is EternalRock worse than WannaCry?

WannaCry- Many researchers has found out that culprits are using the NSA tools to spread in all the computer using the internet. The NSA tools used in the WannaCry are like- EternalBlue and DoublePulsur. And with only these two tools, it has infected so many computers over 90 countries.eternalrock vs wannacry ransomware

EternalRock- While the EternalRock has cracks more than 7 NSA Tools that proofs to be more dangerous compared to WannaCry. The NSA tools used are like- EternalBlue,  EternalChampion, EternalRomance, EternalSynergy, SMBTouch, Architect, and DoublePulsur. So with the 7 number of NSA tools, it is sure a risk to get unsolve infection on your windows PC.

4. What WannaCry and EternalRock Viruses Demands?

WannaCry- Once your computer is infected by the WannaCry, they will encrypt all your files in your PC. But they will give you the Keys to decrypt back your files only after you have paid them some amount of money. They demand to pay in Bitcoins and if you don’t pay them, they will discard all the files from your PC.

EternalRock- Well, so far there is no case seen from EternalRock. But the source said, they do not encrypt and corrupt the files of your system. It there is any vulnerable windows system without upgraded security system, then they can easily trigger remote commands to infect your system anytime.

5. How to Prevent

WannaCry- The first priority is to upgrade all the security system from your windows computer. Adrien Guinet, have recently posted on Twitter to deal with WannaCry by which you can decrypt your Encrypted file. The name of the Decrypting tool for WannaCry is WannaKey. This Wannakey will help you to decrypt your file even if you are infected. So you can download the WannaKey from

EternalRock: Well, there is no such keys for EternalRock by which you will able to decrypt all the files. So the only prevention ways for you is to upgrade all the windows security system as soon as possible.

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So these are the complete case study on WannaCry Virus Vs EternalRock. If you have not upgrade your windows system then don’t waste your time, secure your computer asap. There is somehow a solution for the WannaCry Ransomware, but still, the researcher is trying to find a way to beat EternalRocks. Only the duty for you is to keep updating all the old system, especially for those Windows XP users. So that you can prevent WannaCry or EternalRock permanently.

Hope you find this article useful, keep visiting us for the latest Prevention ideas for EternalRock.

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