what is background app refresh

What is Background App Refresh? How to save battery by disabling it

Hey there, want to know something about your iPhone? Then you have come to the right place. Here are the new features of iPhone “Background App Refresh” which is making IOS 7 more multi-tasking and unique. Today I’m going to share about What is Background App refresh?

How does background app refresh works, how it makes your phone multi-tasking. Apple has been thinking to develop their features and this is what a new interesting thing they have added to their IOS 7. Aplle has really made it’s OS multi tasking and unique from other OS.

what is background app refresh

The thing that IOS7 is unique from other is Background App Refresh and this is the only features that make your iPhone different and multi-tasking. But this features of iPhone will assume more of your battery and your data which is a small disadvantage of what is Background App Refresh.

As I have been talking all about this feature you have a question in your mind What is Background App refresh?  but I will say stay tuned with me till the end of the article you will get to know about Background app refresh and how does it works.

What is Background App Refresh? A description

BAR (Background App Refresh) is a new exciting feature launched in IOS7 and this feature really make our phone multi-tasking insense like app controlling in a background of the screen. These features use maximum of battery and data of your phone but the work of his feature is also heart touching. Background app refresh lets any app to refresh in the background with effecting your current work but the app gets refreshed now and then in your phone background.

But Background App Refresh doesn’t allow any of the app to run independently whenever they want but this all depends upon the phone. How your phone treat the background running app but this new features will not let background app to run.

What is background app refresh

In a whole Background App Refresh lets the app open for some time in the backgroud of the phone and receive some updates and get off again. But if you allows that app to run any time then it will not get off after receiving updates but this app will start running. If you want to save your data and battery then you can’t turn this feature off in your phone and save your battery and data.


Easy steps to turn off the Background App Data:

Follow this easy steps if you are to disable this features in your iPhone:

1. To disable background app refresh feature open the settings app in your iPhone. But make sure your IOS is 7 or greater than 7.

2. Secondly, click on the general option in the setting.

3. Now click on the Background App Refresh button under general option.

4. Now you can directly turn off the background app data by sliding the switch button of the background app data. Or you can off the apps that you don’t want to get updates in the background by serially sliding off the app toggle.

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So this is all about What is Background App Refresh and how it works in your iPhone with IOS7. I hope that I have provided you the best knowledge of the Background app refresh and have told you the features and how to disable it. So there are some other features in your new IOS which you will come to know in my next article and until that stay tuned in our site and live well. See you again with next awesome article till then thanks for being with me till the end of the article.

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