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How To Send Encrypted Email in Gmail & Secure Gmail? Unknown Tricks!

Gmail is one of the leading free Email service provider owned by the Tech Giant Google. It is popular among the people mainly due to its simple and free Email service that it offers. But one main thing that always comes up in our mind in every email service users is the security of Emails, especially When sending sensitive information like Password, PIN Code, Bank Account Numbers etc. As in the recent time, there are lots of hackers & identity thief around the WEB which is always in search of your sensitive information. So, the best option is to learn how to send Encrypted Email in Gmail and secure Gmail account.

how to send Encrypted Email in Gmail

Securing the Email’s service that you send can be a bigger issue for those people, who does all their works online. As their main source on sending information is through Email’s and they tend to send all their sensitive and personal information through Emails.

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So, sending Encrypted Email is the best option for ensuring the full security of your Email’s and so to do that you will need to know how to send encrypted email service from your Gmail Account.

What Are Encrypted Emails & How to Send Encrypted Email in Gmail:

#What are the Security Issues that we Face when sending Email?

When sending Emails one of the most common security issues that are faced by the people is from the hackers. As hackers are learning & using the new and different technique to hack Gmail service account. So, we have to take our precautions to protect our information and data’s from hackers and the best option is to secure Gmail account.

What is Encrypted Email & Advantages of Encrypted Email Service:

Email Encryption is a process which enables you to protect your email’s text & content and make it unreadable to those foreign people either than the intended recipients. So, that even though if an unknown person has access to the Gmail account of your recipient yet that person will not be able to read any of the emails you have sent.

It works this way as you send an how to send secure email attachments in Gmail to your intended recipients who know the password to decrypt the Emails and he will just have to use the decrypted password to open the Encrypted Email. The main advantage of encrypting your Emails is that it ensures 100% security for the Emails sent by you. So now you know what is Encrypted Emails service.

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Ways to Send Encrypted Email in Gmail:

  1. Download the Extension:

First of all, you need to download the Secure Mail for Gmail extension which can be found in the WEB store. Just you need to click on the upper right-hand side corner of your Chrome browser and go to “Settings”>> “Extension”>>”Get more Extension”>>Now Search “Secure Mail for Gmail”>>Add the Extension.

Secure Mail for Gmail

  1. Login To your Gmail Account:

Now after installing the extension, you need to log in to your Gmail account with the option given.

  1. Now Compose an Encrypted Email:

Creating an Encrypted Email in Gmail using Secure Mail for Gmail is very easy. First Click on the “Lock” option besides the regular Compose option and Now Compose the Email in a regular way.

encrypted gmail emails

  1. Create a Password For The Encrypted Email:

Now if you click on the send option a pop-up will appear where you need to give a “password” to decrypt your Email and it should know by your recipient and send it.

password protected emailThese are the steps to send secure email in Gmail, now it’s time to know how to decrypt emails using the same password. Check out below:

How To Open a Encrypted Email?

  1. First Open Your Encrypted Email:

Just click one of the encrypted Email which you want to decrypt, Now Click on “Decrypt message with password”.

  1. Password:

Now to decrypt the Email you need to give the same password that was set when sending the Encrypt Email.

descrypt email in email

With growing number of internet users, the number of hackers is also increasing by leaps and bounds. It is always recommended to keep your sensitive information secure and emails are one such thing. So, now you can send secure Mail in Gmail & protect your personal Email’s and others important information from unwanted hands especially hackers by Encrypting your Emails with password. Now you know what is encrypted email service & how to send Encrypted Email in Gmail now. If you have any other queries and suggestions please leave your comments below.

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