Difference between Li-fi Internet and Wifi

What Is LiFi Internet|LiFi Vs WiFi Difference

What is Li-Fi Internet connection?? What is the difference between this new Li-Fi and an old Wi-Fi connection and is this Li-Fi replacing the old Wi-Fi?? And what will be the advantages of Li-Fi as compare to Wi-Fi? This is some of the questions that are bound to be surrounding your head right now. If you have no idea about this new awesome way to get High-Speed Internet Connection with Li-Fi than you have to the right place as here we will answer all of your questions in details.

Difference between Lifi and Wifi

Wi-Fi has become one of the most common ways of connecting to the Internet be it using the Wi-Fi connection of our own or our neighbor but one problem is common among the Wi-Fi users that every time the devices connected to your Wi-Fi Network goes on increasing your Internet speed generally tend to go on decreasing and we all know that slow Internet connection is one of the most problematic things.

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And the answer to this Slow Wi-Fi connection is the new Li-Fi Internet connection that will give you lighting fast Internet connection that will be faster than any of your old Wi-Fi Networks from before. Continue reading this article for more detail information on Li-Fi and what are the difference between this Li-Fi Internet and Wi-Fi Internet?

What is Li-Fi Internet?

Li-Fi is a new innovation in the world of IT but like its counterpart Wi-Fi, it does not use radio wave rather than that it uses Light source that is with the help of LED as a way to complete its transmission of data.

The term Li-Fi was generally coined my German physicist Prof. Harald Hass at TED Talk in 2011 and from where a group of scientist has worked on this new way of data transmission and as I have said earlier that Li-Fi uses the Light from LED bulbs to transfer its data which can give a speed up to 226 MB.

So if you are still confused on how this Li-Fi works then let’s take more of a detailed look at how this Li-Fi works and how is the Li-Fi difference from Wi-Fi?

How Does Li-Fi Works?

This Li-Fi network works normally as any of your internet networks but like Wi-Fi, it does not use Radio Wave but rather than that it uses the Light of your LED for your Data transmission and this idea is also known as Visible Light Communication (VLC).

What is The Difference between Li-Fi & Wi-Fi?

This is one of the most common question that have been buzzing around for quite a bit now and the common one is how is Li-Fi difference from Wi-Fi so here we will take a look into some of the points that differentiate between the Li-Fi and the Wi-Fi network.

  • Li-Fi Uses the light of LED to transfer the data whereas the Wi-Fi uses the Radio or Electrical pulses to transfer its data.
  • Li-Fi does not use any wire to connect to your device whereas Wi-Fi needs wire connection especially the one with electrical pulses.
  • It does not penetrate the Physical barriers whereas Wi-Fi has the capability to go beyond your Physical barriers.
  • Li-Fi gives you more security of your Internet Network as Li-Fi cannot penetrate any Physical barriers so no person passing by will be able to connect using your network whereas Wi-Fi generally runs on radio waves it has the more high risk of your Internet connection being high jack by others.
  • Li-Fi is unaffected from any RF-emitting equipment whereas Wi-Fi can get easily affected by RF-emitting nearby as the network of your Wi-Fi can be affected by your nearby Microwave.
  • It can handle a data speed up to 3.5Gbit/s per color that means LED can emit speed of Internet connection up to 10.5Gbit/s  whereas the standard, 801.11ac Wi-Fi can deliver up to a maximum speed of 867 Megabits Per/sec.

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Will Li-Fi Replace Wi-Fi:

Will Li-Fi replace the traditional Wi-Fi Internet connection this is the question that you might have with you right now but do you know that light has already become a famous way to transfer data across long distance as the Fiber optic cables are used to send data in the form of light through tiny strands of silicon but Li-Fi has never been used in large-scale with the Internet users as it is still in the initial stage of development for Li-Fi.

But in recent time China has become the most advanced country in the sphere of using Li-Fi in place of Wi-Fi as they have started the basic foundation of trying out this data transfer method of using the LED light of bulbs which will help them to cope up with the Increasing demand for high-quality Internet connection. So we can certainly hope that this new way of connecting via Li-Fi using the LED light of bulbs for the data transmission will be with us very soon and we will be able to use fast Internet using Li-Fi.

Well that’s you will need to know about this new Internet connection of Li-Fi and I hope that I have cleared every question of your on what is Li-Fi? How does Li-Fi Works? Difference between Li-Fi Internet & Wi-Fi Internet and Will Li-Fi replace Wi-Fi if you have any other related Question feel free to drop your suggestion and questions in the comment section below.

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