WhatsApp: One of The Favorite Application of Time.

Using a smartphone?  And you don’t have WhatsApp? Well this can not happen. According to a survey every smart phone user in India downloads WhatsApp first then any other messenger for messages.

India has one of the largest consumer base of this encrypted instant messaging.

Why? What is so that Whatsapp is more preferred or should I say the most preferred application for messaging? What is so that every smart phone user is bond to using this application? Well there has to be a reason!  Whatsapp has over 1 billion active users according to the count of February 2016. And everyday around 25 million users download this application. As of the report of April 2016 , this message based application is installed in almost 87. 5 percent on all the smart phone/ android devices of the country. And even function on 55.6 per cent of all the countries of the world and is functioning in 109 countries out of total 196 countries in the world.

Wow! Whatsapp is doing indeed great !

With a whirlwind speed  from being just a startup Whatsapp has grown out to be the top 20 applications on the play store and has got 66th Alexa  rank all over the globe and has a 31st  rank Alexa rank in India.

Lets list down some crazy facts about why whatsapp, that  why it is  is being on top of the list  of everyone’s phone than any other application. There must be quite good reasons that the application is doing a brilliant business.

Well what are those? Here is 5 good reasons that why Whatsapp is more preferred by the user than any other whatsapp application.

1. Wide range/ flexibility

Whatsapp is a messenger that is available on Android , iPhone , Mac, Microsoft and even on Symbian phones. Yes ! you read it right Whatsapp is function able even on Symbian phones. So every user can use Whatsapp without facing any error or any difficulty.

And just in case a user does not has a smart phone he/ she can even get access to this whatsapp  application even on web and from a user’s Personal computer or Laptop.

One of the major reasons whatsapp has gain popularity is that it is so flexible on all types of phones .And is supported on all the phones

So just in case a user wants to try all type of smart phone he or she won’t be loosing on his or her whatsapp account and can even restore his earlier messages.

2. No ads

While a user download the application they always get a message of that the Whatsapp does not sell any ads or have any ads. So what is it exactly?

Well to avoid any chaos the company does not allow ads on their messenger platform.

So this allows the user to chat using the application without any confusion or irritation of the ads. While other applications like We chat has advertisements with them. This even hangs the phone of the user at times or the user has to see some unnecessary ads while their chatting.

3. Becoming one shop stop

In the world of application, Whatsapp is becoming the shoppers stop. Where all the features which are in different application are all together offered in a WhatsApp.

From sending Pdf’s , photo’s and  songs to even making calls via WhatsApp.

whatsApp is  adding various types of features . In every update whatsApp is  becoming just incredible and topping the list of every users wish list.

4. The Technical platform

WhatsApp makes a users accounts using the phone number of the user’ Extensible messaging and Presence protocol.

It is basically compares all the contacts of the user and immediately add all the contacts in their whatsapp contact list. And after 2015 the user base of WhatsApp has completely increased ever since it has introduced the voice calling feature. Now easily a whatsapp user can see if all of his contacts are on whatsApp.

5. Security

The privacy and the security level of WhatsApp is very high a user can not only hide their Profile picture of the Whatsapp but can also hide their last seen on Whatsapp.

A user can even hide their blue ticks which denote that the message has been read.

With such high standards of security quality it ensures the user that the application used is completely safe! End to end encryption is one of the major reasons that the user feels completely safe. According to the report as of 2016 whatsapp has even scored a 6 points out of 7 on the platform of “ electronic frontier foundation”.

WhatsApp has improved their points after introducing the end to end encryption feature.

No one can hack the personal conversation between two users I.e. the sender and the receiver.

The conversation, the chat is completely between the two users and can not be decoded by any other third person. This feature is not available in most of the applications and this is what more attractive about whatsapp, that the users are downloading this application at once. You can try this out in apps like gbwhatsapp, it will work pretty well.

The comfort and the security offered by the application is just incredible!

And India is one of the largest consumer of this message application and the company is using is increasing its user base everyday.

The acquisition amount of the whatsapp is 19 billion  by the social media Giant Facebook making it one of biggest acquisition by the silicon valley.

The company has given back 50x investment to their investors and has also received a award in the year 2014.

Within a span of 7 years the company has connected to 1 billion users. And is also expecting a revenue profit of 1 billion dollar in the financial year 2018.

Every Whatsapp user is now functioning with ease and flexibility and is completely secured about the data. So what else a user needs?

This is one of the best service by a message based application.

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